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11.2 100 Meter Make 235 Pound Montana Boy Special

11.2 100 Meter Make 235 Pound Montana Boy Special

One thing and one thing only gets colleges the most excited about recruiting athletes over all other traits.  SPEED!  If you have it and fall into the elite category your name can move up the list really fast.  It is a universal fact that the game of football is reliant upon speed and quickness at most all positions.  Every D-1 athlete is big and powerful for their respective position; it is a foregone conclusion.

McKenzie Holt 550

Speed is the great unequalizer.  Show me speed and I get interested.  It won’t matter if your not the best football player at all.  Or even the best athlete.  Coaches can train athletes for those things.  In fact they live for that.

Now we know the Running Back, Receivers, slots, corners and safeties and linebackers too all need to be fast.  Linemen can get away with out being as fast but they still need.  Having said this it is most unusual to find a big fast mover like McKenzie Holt.

Over in Thompson Falls they know the 6’5″- 235 pound monster is the real deal.  Last season we see he had 120 tackles and 70 of them were solos.  He also had 6 TD’s, 600 yards rushing, and w00 yards receiving as well as averaged 42 yards per kick as the Punter.

But his Speed came on the Track and we verified it where he has officials of 11.31 and 22.9 in the 200 and 52.0 in the 400.  These numbers earned him Top 5 in State in each category.  They are fast times for an athlete playing one of the speed positions.  Having said that these numbers are approaching on world class for someone 6’5″ and close to 240 pounds.

COACHES – I don’t have to say it.  We met him and watched him and we are hoping he shows up at the RDAFShowcase next week- let’s hope he does.  No matter- he has no film yet and the only way to recruit him is just to dig in and get after it.  We have his Twitter and Email and here is an interview we did with him.  We hope this helps McKenzie get the word out.

Watch NWPR speak to McKenzie Holt at the NWEFC camp from June of 2016.

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