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Addison Johnson Immediately Rises As Top Prospect Without Offer

Addison Johnson is a star player and he is capable of being a game breaker. His 275 yards and 3 TD’s led the Coeur d’Alene Vikings to Victory in game 1 of the 2013 season!

Addison Johnson Immediately Rises As Top Prospect Without Offer

For a couple of months we have been running our section on the prep football players in the Pacific NW who have yet to land their first offer but should be doing so at any time.  That section, “Who’s Next?” can be found right here for all of you to review and it is a growing list for sure.  In fact you can submit your info as well for review to be included right there on the list as it goes out to every college in the country.

Addison Johnson is one of the finest pure athletes in the Pacific NW and blew up in his first game having 275 yards and 3 TD's to spark his team to the win.

Addison Johnson is one of the finest pure athletes in the Pacific NW and blew up in his first game having 275 yards and 3 TD’s to spark his team to the win.

Oregon and Idaho kicked off games last Friday and Washington is ready to roll this Friday.  As that has happens these players and those like them will rise to take up the spotlight and try and etch a win in the lights of friday night as well as gain the attention of recruiters and college coaching staffs.  At last weeks game that we broadcast a couple of guys did just that.  One of them was West Linn WB Hayden Coppedge who just tore it up displaying a wide array of talents.  The other was Coeur d’Alene High schools Addison Johnson.  In the first story on these two we will cover Mr. Johnson.

Addison Johnson is a star player and he is capable of being a game breaker.  As we watched Eastern Washington beat Oregon State with much of the damage being done by young Cooper Cupp of Yakima we were transformed in time back to Cupps recruitment two years ago.  Cooper had put up very very convincing stats and proven himself a top collegiate prospect.  But he was overlooked by almost everyone except EWU.  And this Johnson kid is the Cooper Cupp of this year.  A true gem who is just so apparently recruitable to any level yet somehow had not yet received his offer.  We have no doubt that he will.

Addison had a great year last season.  He is 5’9″ and 175 pounds of muscle.  His 107.8 SPARQ rating showcased his almost freakish talents being one oft he highest scores in this part of the Nation.  He has a 4.0 GPA and check this out….a 2060 on his SAT.  And he said he could have scored higher.  The kid is a machine; a super-computer on the football field and off.  And he has the speed (4.42 @ Camp) to put that IQ to work as a very dangerous scoring machine.  Best suited as a slot back Johnson is also a terrific defender and special teams player as well as kick returner.

In Friday’s game against West Linn he had 285 yards of total offense in just a handful of touches and broke the game open rallying the Vikings back to the win all in the second half.

Coaches you will only need to see 1;47 seconds of the film from Friday before you or your GA is going to be scrambling for his Phone number.  Watch that right here.

We interviewed Addison Johnson and you will find some insights on him right here.


NWPR-  Looking at last year what were stats and what were the highlights for you in terms of the 2012 season?

AJ- Last year I had 48 receptions for 755 yards and 7TD, 15.73 avg.  My personal highlights came at the beginning of the season when I had a couple big games playing our out of state schedule vs. Mercer Island, West Linn, and Skyline.  Another highlight was making a run with my team at the state championship, even after a couple tough losses.

NWPR-  What are your goals for this season individually and as a team?

AJ- As a team our goal is to win the state championship again…no greater feeling than that.  Individually I want to continue becoming a better blocker and route runner.  Reaching 1,000 yards receiving would be great!

NWPR- In terms of schools looking at you who are the D-1 or D1-AA’s recruiting you?

AJ-I am hearing from Stanford, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington State, Portland State, UC Davis, Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Columbia. I attended Stanford’s Friday Night Lights camp and they offered me a preferred walk on spot- Andy Drukarev was down there watching if you know him.

NWPR- Where will you want to play in college in terms of position and level?  Are you wide open at this point?  Aren’t you an academic guy?

AJ- I will play wherever they want me to in college but have been getting recruited at slot receiver.  I am an academic guy, 4.0 GPA and a 2060 SAT.  Academics will definitely play a role in which school I select.

NWPR-  Position wise your a slot receiver first but what is the best secondary position for you?  Would it be defense or maybe as an athlete? And what level are you set on playing at in college?

AJ- Athlete sounds great.  In regards to which level I want to play at I have no limitation at this point.  At the Stanford visit I got to compete against top notch corners like Terrence Alexander, Kirk Tucker, and another 3 star guy. I don’t remember his name, but i proved to myself that i can play at the highest level for sure!

NWPR-  Well Addison good luck this year and we will see you Saturday at Husky Stadium for the big game against Bothell!

AJ-  Awesome Dirk.  Thanks for all your doing for all of us kids from the NW.  It is a huge help.

NWPR – You sir are most welcome!  Keep working hard.


Catch more stories like this right here.  The Hayden Coppedge story will be up this week as well.

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