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Alton Hammond Lynwood

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Alton Hammond Won’t Stop Despite Obstacles

Alton Hammond Won’t Stop Despite Obstacles

If you ask any of us media and recruiting experts who Alton Hammond is my guess is we would all say “Who”?  Once and a while an athlete comes out of nowhere and I know they will be special.  Alton is one of them.  He reached out a week ago and the more I look at his film the more I realize this is one of the strongest and best players in the region- his film is just that good.  So we began a discussion that carried over into tonight.

This young man is 5’10” and 205 lbs and he is a Junior at Lynwood High School in Washington.  Coaches I suggest you watch this film below- maybe you don’t need or want to know the rest of the story.  That’s ok.

Alton Hammond Lynwood

For me it is all that matters- the rest of the story.  There was something about the film that drove me to want to know more.  And there is more about Alton as I suspected- something big that makes sense.

This season he had over 2,000 yards on offense and 31 TD’s from his QB spot and he is not a QB.  Just playing QB.

On defense he had 3 interceptions and took them all for pay dirt- 3 interceptions and 3 Touchdowns on defense.  Add to that 51 solo TD’s and 6 Sacks and there are very few athletes that can compare this year.

His film shows off a nice arm and he is clearly a lefty.  His Film shows speed (4.7 40) and power.  Several plays have kids just airborne after he hits them.  All of it tells the story of a Top 20 recruit.

What it won’t tell you in that he broke his leg as a Sophomore and missed a season.  It won’t tell you that.

And it won’t tell you that he has been effected by Cerebral Palsy in one arm.  According to him his right arm has been effected since birth- it’s a little shorter and he will never have as much muscle in that arm.  With all of this he has overcome.  But it drives him on he says.

The two sport athlete loves basketball and football.  He hopes to play at the next level and is open to all options.  He admires all the Seniors and Juniors with offers and he plans to be one of them soon.  After seeing this film and reviewing his film we can see that happening.  A great prospect here this guy- an excellent one.

Watch Alton Hammond’s 10 Play Super Highlight Here

Watch Alton Hammond’s 6 Game Junior Highlight Here

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