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Andrew Kirkland’s Story Illustrates Why is #1

Ever wonder why is so big and how we reach such a huge national audience? Well if your serious about recruiting you need to ask yourself that one question. This is really important for any top athlete to get noticed.

Andrew Kirkland’s Story Illustrates Why is #1

December 16, 2011

Dirk Knudsen Editor

Dirk Knudsen:
Andrew Kirkland worked his tail off this year on and off the field. We shared his story with the world this week and it immediately spread the Nation through of massive Network at

With football seasons over we again turn all of our attention to the recruits trying to make their way on to college. But few people realize how powerful the network really is. We are #1 in National coverage and in total readers. So this week asAndrew Kirkland of Jesuit gained his first offer from Portland State he knew who to share the news with. After a short interview we ran the story first right here at From our site his story went National immediately to the front page of the following websites where MILLIONS of fans, players, COACHES, and recruiters watch the pulse of the Nation.

That process all started with Andrew and his folks developing a relationship with us and our staff. After all they understood we will never charge a fee to any athlete and they knew we could share his information in an ethical and responsible manner. At the point we reviewed his information and saw him play we added him to the database and that led to his profile including all the above mentioned schools being linked to his profile. They are all recruiting him. As Andrew’s story grows we will be there to help him tell it. What people need to understand is that some local website or blog site can NEVER hope to achieve what took decades to build here at We truly are the place for top Recruits to get their story told.

We are pleased to show you via interactive Video just how this works. Have a Look!

Email our Editor Dirk Knudsen Right Here and lets see if we can help you too!

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