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Bailey Elder and John Blasco

2017 Prospects

Baby Face & The Killer Lead Stadium’s Success

Baby Face & The Killer Lead Stadium’s Success

Do not be fooled by these pictures!  These two may look like sweet young men & All American boys but believe me when I say nothing could be further then the truth once the strap on that helmet.

Bailey Elder and John Blasco

On the left you see John Blasco Junior.  A 6’6″-300 pound senior linemen from Stadium High School in Tacoma, WA.  Look at that face.  Sweet right?  No way.  On the field this linemen is the nastiest man we have seen in a long time.  He is so powerful with such a big frame that he just dominates…no take that back… he punishes opponents.

I call him “The Killer” in a nice way.  He is a cold blooded offensive tackle and projects all the way to the top in college with a recent offer from Colorado State and others in hand.  He is still raw but his technique has come a long way the past 2 seasons and he is not bringing it all together.  He plays on raw emotion like some kind of ancient warrior in the heat of battle with no agenda but to knock the snot out of everyone in his way.  He is a terrific linemen and one of the really big reasons that rising star QB Hunter Wendling, a top performer at the NW 9,  is having such a  terrific year.

Check out John Blasco Juniors Hudl 3 Game Film here-  This guy is a Pac 12 linemen without a doubt in terms of talent and demeanor

Now to the mean looking kid on the right.  He is Bailey Elder, a 6’5″- 285 pound Sophomore, who is well on his way up the collegiate recruiting ranks.  While this picture above looks mean he is one of the nicest most intelligent kids you will ever meet.  Let’s just call him “Baby-Face”.  Heck if I am really having fun I’d call him the “Baby Faced Assassin”.

Bailey has terrific fundamentals and  huge frame.  He is freakishly strong and deceptively agile.  While he is still growing into his body he showed flashes of excellence in the off season and is as polished and physical as any linemen we have seen for the 2019 Class.

Elder is another reason for the Stadium success.  They are 3-1 and face St Francis of Hawaii at Home and finish against tough Lincoln.  With guys like Jamon Chambers (RB-ATH) on the squad this team has a real shot to advance into the playoffs.

Enjoy Bailey’s film below and look for both of these linemen, Wendling, and Chambers all on our All NW Top 300 Recruiting list where the best of best are being promoted daily as a free service of NWPR!

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