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Ballenger Posts Epic Film On Way To Idaho Title

Ballenger Posts Epic Film On Way To Idaho Title

You all want me to tell you how to stand out so I do.  And I will repeat it again and again.  Get your 10 Best Plays on a 2 to 3 minute Hudl Video.  Cut it up tight and get it out there.  This is your elevator pitch and this late in the game you Seniors need to turn heads.  Again here is the NWPR 10 Play super Highlight article.  Coaches and recruiters are loving this.  It makes sense.  So “Get ‘Er Done” as they say.

Carter Ballenger 550

One big man who read this and got it has been cranking out his 10 play Videos and doing one for each game.  Carter Ballenger has just posted his last two games on Hudl and my gosh they are great!  Not only is he 6’3″- 300 lb. beast dominating but watch how he rolls out punishing clip after clip!  Many of these plays went for TD’s and he cut the film on each clip when his work was done.  Coaches will see Carter rocking the grid iron in back to back smash mouth plays.  It is a PERFECT example of what we preach.

Because Carter and his team including big time QB Tucker Rovig (MSU commit) are heading to meet up with Drew Korf and Capital in the BSU Stadium Saturday we wanted to run his film.  These two Idaho teams went 10-2 and 10-1 respectively and Saturday one of them will be crowned Champions in Idaho.  Best of luck to both teams for a safe and fun Championship.

Now how about some Pancakes?

Mountain View over Eagle HS

Mountain View over Highland

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