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Best Of The Big Boys – Linemen Dominate Discussions

Best Of The Big Boys – Linemen Dominate Discussions

The NWEFC was a hotbed for talent.  Anytime you put almost 800 kids on one field you’re going to see a lot of great prospects.  They were all over the field from 13 States and boy was it a loaded field.  While many skills players rose to the occasion the linemen were the most loaded group.  We spent equal time at each field analyzing the prospects and clearly based on numbers the  linemen had the deepest talent pool.  We saw the continued rise of  som known guys like Henry Bainivalu (Skyline – OL- 2017) who landed offers from Oregon and Utah at Camp to bring his total to about a dozen.  Not bad for a 10th grader.  But it was equally the new comers who made the camp interesting.  Guys like Hermiston High School’s Charles Neal (6’4″- 265 lbs- DL) made some serious in-roads and we will be moving them into the elite group based on their performances and size.

Let’s have a look at the linemen we felt shined the brightest at Camp and discuss a little more about them.  This was SO HARD because there were so many deserving and excellent prospects at the camp; we venture to guess that a good majority of the best linemen in the Region were at the event.   In no Particular order here are those that we are calling out:


Tobe Okafor of Central Catholic came on strong and ended the camp in dominating fashion as perhaps the most consistent linemen of the bunch. His offer count is over 10 with multiple Pac 12’s and the 6’5″ – 270 lb athlete simply is the most complete linemen right now in Oregon- He is a 2016 grad.


James Strong – Timberline HS – Washington. 6’4″ – 230 lbs. He is a fast mover and can move from TE to OLB to DE and when he asked us where to compete we said “DEFENSE”. He shined and is a great looking prospect with big time leadership potential.


Anouson Keobounnam – 2016 – Centennial High in Portland, Oregon. A lot Okafor. He moves really well. A powerhouse kid with great balance. 6’5″ – 280 lbs range. We have seen him compete many times and if he continues to play at this pace like this he has a bright future indeed.


2016 prospect Scott Peck- 6’6″- 285 lbs – Here is a guy with Long arms that competes and has a high ceiling. Peck looked solid in drills and while he has room to improve he showed enough to be counted among the best of the Camp and show he can compete at a very high level.


Josh Hauani’o flew over from Hawaii – he is a 2017 prospect with good technique and nice size. He was not at the level of the camps elite yet but showed he can compete grabbing a yellow band and making it to the final reps where he battled very hard. Coached by Hawaiian O’Line Guru Brian Derby and his staff in the off season.


Elijiah Lugo – 2016 Graham-Kapowsin. This is the 3rd time we have seen Elijah compete live. His effort is solid and he has very good technique, size, and demeanor.


Tiano Tialavea of O’Dea High School powered his way to a D line MVP – now this guy is 320 + and aint nobody stopping a kid like this at an event like this. He showed a few legit moves but like a lot of big men he relied on his bull rush which is hard to gauge his true talent off of. Tiano plays low – he has great leverage- we loved him!


Tobe Okafor – Central Catholic – Head Shot- Pac 12 offers in hand.


Billy Main – Lakewood HS – 2017- A massive kid that can deal some punishment when he gets mad. He has matured so much in the past 6 months – if this continues he has a real shot to play collegiate football. Well coached young athlete.


Jason Sperle – McNary HS – Oregon – 2016 prospect- Jason will be a guard or Center at the next level. He too grabbed a yellow wrist band and moved to the finals- Not a top 5 guy at the event but definitely in the Top 15 and one of the best students of the game we know. A strong worthy prospect!


Cody Kanouse – 2017 prospect – 6’7.5″ and 305 lbs. Not his best day but good enough to make it deep into the finals and we thought overall an MVP day for him. This young man will play at the D-1 Level and by Summer’s End we expect him to be holding several offers. He joins super recruit Foster Sarrell (Graham-Kapowsin – 20 plus offers) and Henry Bainivalu (Skyline – 10 plus offers) to form one of the best Trios of offensive linemen to ever come out of the NW in the same year. These three are special folks.

John Blasco Stadium HS

Cody Kanouse – Left- is flanked by 2017 big body John Blasco of Stadium HS in Tacoma, Washington. Blasco did not blow me away but man what a great frame – 6’5″+ anyway and super long arms. A Top 20 guy on the day for us!

Carlos Collado

411 on the far left is Carlos Collado of Sandpoint , Idaho – he is a 2016 grad and had a nice day. Another Top 20 guys. Seen here with two campers mentioned above.

Henry Bainivalu of skyline High is a Future All american candidate

Henry Bainivalu was the overall Camp MVP for linemen in our group. He is a 2017 Grad and goes to Skyline HS. The Ducks and Utah offered him at Camp bringing his offer total to 12. He is too big, too fast, and too good for most kids his age or in high school. He win’t win all his reps for the next 2 years but he will be a major Impact guy; an all american in the making.

Moustaphe Toure

The surprise of the Camp is this young man; a 2017 6’6″- 295 lb man child from Ivory Coast, Africa. HIs name is Moustaphe Toure and he is potentially one of the biggest recruits to come from Oregon at the line position since Ndamukong Suh. He is playing at tiny Horizon Christian under legendary Coach George Crace. This young Man has a dream body and natural athletic ability and is learning to use his size. He can be very special with continued growth- remember you all Coaches recruit athletes so it’s not a matter of how accomplished you are in High school but more a matter of where the Collegiate Coaches can take a kid. A kid like this under the right Coaching can be truly great. He was not a Top 5 camper but a Top 10 one for sure.

Nicholas Blair

2016 prospect Nicholas Blair from Everett had a good day – he too is big and lanky and was a top 20 camper.

Korbin Sorenson Kamiakin HS

Korbin Sorenson of Kamiakin HS in Washington is 6’6″ and plays so hard- a collegiate talent and we think he has D1AA and D1 offers in his future. A 2016 big body we have seen more then once and he is very legit.

Jared Goldwire

6’7″- 285 kbs Defensive End (OT likely) Jared Goldwire showed he can move as well or better then anyone in the West. Hawaii has offered him and we think he is a 10 or 15 offer D1 Athlete. He has fought injuries and needs more game film but come on – He is really that good and has a great upside.

Zarykk Davis 2017 Scappoose

The defensive line surprise find of the camp right here; Zarykk Davis 2017 Scappoose. This kid came in only a Sophomore and with no name recognition and was awarded 2 yellow bands from coaches sending him to the finals. He is 6’3.5″ and 233 lbs and boy can he move. He is muscular, quick, has great balance, and understands how to move. He has great change in direction and if this does not translate onto the fields the next 2 seasons we are shutting the site down! We see a D1 athlete out in Columbia County West of Portland and his name is Zarykk Davis. Top 5 camper and a D-line MVP.

Ismael Longoria

Ismael Longoria came in from ValleVue HS and he had a nice camp. The 2016 linemen was a Top 20 in a crowded group.

Hunter Grade

Hunter Grade of Richland, WA is a 2016 O-Line recruit and he had some of the best technical 1-1 battles of the day. It was great seeing technique defeat size and aggression.

Tiano Tialavea

Tiano Tialavea – D-Line MVP – Battles it out with Henry Bainivalu in a power set match up! Look at these eyes.

Raemo Trevino of Ballard High School

Raemo Trevino of Ballard High School had an MVP Day – he got our Vote. The 2016 DT is all motor and skill and boy is he a handful. I don’t think anyone stopped him all day. He will play collegiate ball if he wants to.

Omar Dyles

Omar Dyles of Bellevue High School is on the left. We dont have much of his face- he beat everyone every rep- he is not the biggest guy but no one can stop him. He was the best defensive player at the Camp for the line group- period. A multi-offer level talent who should terrorize opponents this season.

Quazzel White of Lincoln High School

In the 2017 Young Gun category is Quazzel White. He is raw – but raw is good. White has strength and ability and he appears tio be on his way to the top of the 2017 line group and could join the Trio we mentioned – a Pac 12 caliber frame and ability; we need to see more. Lincoln High (WA) has a great one here.

Beni Madrigal-Ries

Beni Madrigal-Ries dominated athletes much bigger then he. The Defensive linemen has left his mark on HS Football in Washington and will move on to college- love this kid!

Dontae Powell - a 2017 O-linemen from Richland, WA

Dontae Powell – a 2017 O-linemen from Richland, WA was the other real surprise at O-line. He has an MVP day and took more reps then anyone and came out scratched and bruised but dished out more then he got. He is 6’6″ and 285 lbs and based on what we have seen he too can play at the highest levels if things play out the way they can. A Very impressive athlete-

Conner Crist

Conner Crist of Tigard HS came in and battled as he always does and looked very good. Conner has some offers and can play DT or Center/Guard – he earned a yellow band and moved on to the finals.

Marquis DeWeert of Bellevue

Another hard charging D-linemen is 2016 Bellevue, Washington athlete Marquis DeWeert. He and Dyles were among the best on the day and Bellevue is blessed to have both of them.

Charles Neal

Out of Hermiston, Oregon came Charles Neal – and this 2017 monster DT/DE came to compete. A To 5 D-linemen for the day. He and Zarryk Davis gave us a glimpse at 2017 in Oregon and it looks mighty bright!

Scott McIvor Garman

Scott McIvor-Garman of Sehome is looking better and better. the 2016 O-linemen has been adding size and power in the offseason with a 555 squat recently. Scott wants to play Collegiate ball and we felt him a top 10 O-line prospect on the day.

Evan Weaver

Evan Weaver of Gonzaga Prep won a Camp MVP – His work as a D-linemen the last couple of years has produced offers and results! He is really good- has 12 offers- and was a clear leader in the drills and 1-1 battles.

Alex Forsyth West Linn Linemen 2017

Alex Forsyth of West Linn, Oregon is a big powerhouse body. Alex is one of the best linemen in the State of Oregon and he had a good day at the NWEFC!


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I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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