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Big Brock Wellsfry From Hanford Jumps To Pac 12 Offer After NW Stars Camp

Big Brock Wellsfry From Hanford Jumps To Pac 12 Offer After NW Stars Camp

Brock Wellsfry is a big mobile kid.  He is almost 6’7″ and 293 lbs and has that long frame schools are looking for in a big offensive tackle.  He showed up at the recent NW Stars Camp and put down a nice performance on the day.  Now he won some reps and lost some but his attitude and demeanor is one of a measured and smart kid who always strives to be better.  A true student of the game Brock seeks the best competition he can find and learns on every rep.


His recent appearance in a post season game for USA Football helped his confidence and understanding of what it takes to get to the full D1 level.  He spoke to us after camp about his recruiting and no doubt things have picked up since then as he was just offered by the OSU Beavers which takes him from probably D1 recruit to a solid D1 prospect who will now see more offers coming his way.Brock Wellsfry 550

We just caught up to Brock and asked a set of questions to get to the heart of the matter.

NWPR:  Brock what is your reaction to this offer?  Congrats by the way!

BW:  Thanks so much!!! My reaction initially was, my mind was just absolutely blown. Coach Andersen was continuing to talk about the school, and the staff but I’ll be honest I had to try really hard to concentrate!

NWPR:  How is the rest of the Recruiting Process going for you?  

BW:  As for the rest of the recruiting process we are doing we still have a handful of juniors days to go to. We are still pursuing the big time schools.

NWPR:  What led to this offer from OSU?  

BW:  You know from what all the coaches told me, the thing that led up to me receiving this offer is I’m a huge guy who is athletic and can move around on the field.

NWPR:  No doubt about that.  Well what about other D-1 Schools that are in touch for you?

BW:  As for other D1 schools recruiting me there is WSU, UW, U of O, U of M, Boise State, and a few schools in California and a couple around the US.

NWPR:  Thanks Brock!

BW:  Thanks to you guys for all you do!

Catch our interview with Brock and his Highlights below.  We congratulate this big student athlete from the East side of Washington on his big offer!

Brock Wellsfry OSU


6’7″ Brock Wellsfry of Hanford High at @NWstarscamp today – good prospect

Posted by Northwest Prep Report on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Catch Brock Wellsfry here on his HUDL Film

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