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Blake Dutton Lands Major Offer From EWU

Blake Dutton Lands Major Offer From EWU

They work hard. Day in and day out and for years and years without a break. Summers belong to the pursuit of the dream and when it comes true it is hard to imagine how it will feel. The phone call that never comes for 98 out a 100 football prospects finally came today for Blake Dutton of Lakeridge.
Today the call came in from the National Champion Eastern Washington Eagles. And it was a big one for Dutton.
“I received my first offer today. It was from Eastern Washington,” he said clearly pumped up.
How did that make him feel?
“I am really excited. This is a terrific opportunity for me. I am just so thankful.”
The two way star for the Pacers has set the standards this year for Wide Receivers and has been equally tough in the defensive secondary. But last week against Oregon City as his life long pal and QB Tommy Knecht went down with a broken hand Blake stepped it up big time. He went in at QB and took the game against the very solid Oregon City Pioneers to the wire. He racked up almost 400 yards in the process just showing he can do it all.
But where did this sudden interest from EWU come from?
“You know I sent them my film, and they were shocked that no one had jumped on me yet. They really liked my versatility and believed that I fit their offensive scheme perfectly,” he said.
“They usually dont hand out scholarships until January, but they kept mentioning how excited they were about my play. So coach Baldwin let me know today that the offer is solid.”
So it is official.
And this may be the fit he has been looking and hoping for.  His friend Tommy Knecht was one of the leading gunslingers in the Region and he and Dutton have been the best 1-2 punch in the State this year.
Blake reflected on loosing his friend from the field.
“It is tough. It really made me realize that I have to take pride every time I step out there.  Because every play could be your last.”
So how is this fit for Dutton? Could this first major school be his best option?
“You know, I really respect their program. having said that I still am focusing on my Senior year at LHS, but I do really enjoy EWU and what they have to offer,” added Blake.
There was more. “I was recently offered a D1 scholarship for Lacrosse at University of Denver who was in the final 4 last year and they are the only Division 1 school West of the Mississippi (to offer it) so I have a lot of options, but I really like EWU at this point.”
Dutton has to get ready for one or two more weeks and get ready to play Qb because Knecht appears to be gone for the year.
But he is going to bed tonight after studying for his AP courses a happy camper.  Knowing that the hard work paid off was what he wanted to feel.   To know he is good enough to have his college paid for was a special feeling.
It was the call every athlete hopes for and today it came to Blake Dutton.

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