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Brandon Kipper Nampa Idaho 550

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Brandon Kipper Is The Best Recruit In The West You’ve Never Heard Of

Brandon Kipper Is The Best Recruit In The West You’ve Never Heard Of

On Twitter he is a little hard to find but then you would need to know that he is known as @PresidentKipper.  That is due to the fact that he is the student body President at Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho.

If your a heavy weight wrestler in the “Gem State” you know him because he is the heavy-weight Champ and as explosive as a big man as anyone will ever see on the mat.

Brandon Kipper Nampa Idaho 550

And if you’re a football player in Idaho and line up against the 6’6.5″ – 270 pound beast you already known about him.

But folks Brandon Kipper is perhaps the sleeper recruit of the 2017 Class.  Don’t get me wrong; some colleges know him.  But more are about to find out.

Let me ask this question to you football insiders.  How does a kid with no rankings or cred on any of the “expert” recruiting sites land 8 offers?

The answer is in his film.  It is not great film in terms of production but the plays are there to extrapolate a D-1 Linemen and we believe that is true both sides of the football.

We believe that there are many colleges and universities sitting on Kipper’s recruiting waiting to be the first Power 5 D-1 to offer him.  Do not be surprised if that comes from the Oregon Ducks.  Brandon discussed his latest offer from Hawaii with us.

“PSU, Hawaii, Weber State, Army, Montana, Montana State, UTEP, and College of Idaho have all offered,” replied Brandon. “I recently got the offer from Hawaii.”

So how did Hawaii get into the mix?

“Honestly Sir I don’t know. I sent them my film back in April. But never heard from them and then last Thursday I got a message from the Head Coach and then the next day he offered me!”

So we speculate this about Kipper who wowed us at the PSU linemen camp this Summer.  He is suffering from lack of exposure and being off the radar.  He did not make any of the Major off season camps and showcases which does not help him.  Is that why he doesn’t have any D-1 Majors?

“Yes sir I’m the heavyweight state champ and an All American wrestler.  And right now I’m talking pretty serious with Oregon. They want me to come out for a visit sometime this season on a possible official. As well as I am talking to Utah State.  But I think for the most part it’s lack of exposure. Getting coaches to even look at your film is hard. But every single coach that has looked at my film has gotten back to me with some sort of interest. Multiple offers have come from my film alone. I think about 6 or 7 of them actually.”

With that information we asked him to create a 10 play offensive and defensive highlight as we have recommended to all of you.  Read that report here because it works!

Word of advice coaches.  He has a 3.5 GPA and has already qualified with his recent SAT scores.  The young man has all the talent and markings of a Pac 12 or Mountain West player and believe me when I say this is one of the most flexible big man I saw in the off season.  He has strong side D-End or O-Tackle written all over him and is still so raw he has not even begun to tap his potential.

WSU, the UW, and Boise State are circling and Brandon is the first to admit he did not perform well at the WSU Camp this Summer.

“I’m talking to Washington and was talking to WSU but didn’t preform well at their camp. BSU and me have been talking for a long time but I think I need one big school to pull the trigger before the other follow and I will get the film done hopefully tomorrow for you all.”

Kipper joins Boise High’s John Ojukwu , Highland High’s Aisa Kelemete, and Maxim Moore from Eagle HS are leading the charge out of Idaho this season.

Here is a 30 second taste of his D-line 10 Play Highlight he is working on and as you watch this remember he is almost 6’7″ tall.  More to follow on the “President” but right now I recommend you big schools start paying attention because this guy might be the best in the 2017 Class you are going to have a shot at.  Best wishes to Brandon Kipper who is now moved way up on our ALL NW 300 List we are progressing on and sending to Coaches around the Nation at no cost to our NW Athletes or their families.


Here is our meeting with Kipper this Summer on film- You can see he is very very well composed.

Brandon Kipper Is The Best Recruit In The West You’ve Never Heard Of

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