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Catch Justin Altenhofen If You Can

Catch Justin Altenhofen If You Can

If you can catch this kid your pretty damn fast!  Justin Altenhofen has a motor and a great to gear and when he gets cranked up and going he is tough to stop.  This is a year where many of our NW Wide receivers are being left without offers and the only explanation I can give you is speed.  To go big as a Wide Receiver you have to demonstrate a serious burst of speed.  The great ones almost all have it.

Justin Altenhofen

Wilsonville High School has seen it’s share of speed in recent years and big time recruits too.  Johnny Ragin (DUCKS) and Tanner Shipley (BSU) are a couple names that come to mind.  Justin Altenhofen is actually Tanner Shipley’s brother and his size and speed are legit.  He is 6’2″- and 180 lbs and has a 4.53 40.  He can run and catch and flat out play the game!

This season he went for 43 receptions, had 854 Yards,  averaged 20.7 yards per catch abd crossed the goal line 8 times.
Here is his film-  he can run.  Catch him if you can!

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  1. Mark Elswick

    December 1, 2015 at 9:04 am

    Great piece.
    He sounds like he could be for real.
    Mark Elswick

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