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Catching Up With Michael Kluge

Michael Kluge can bench press as much as 430 pounds and that strength runs throughout his frame. He was a stand out DT at the Nike NFTC Camp and one of the finest interior linemen in the West!He was a monster as expected at the DT spot this past weekend at the NIke NFTC Camp.

Catching Up With Michael Kluge

  The story of Michael Kluge and his enormous strength and skill is now no longer a locally known fact.  The 5'10", 290 pound bruiser from Aloha High School had a big weekend and his name keeps climbing the recruiting ranks.

While Doug Brenner is the undisputed #1 DT in the Pacific Northwest the big Warrior is not far behind.  With his 400 plus bench he is without doubt the most powerful high school linemen in the Region.  Given his stature he is almost impossible to block as his leverage is always his weapon.

The question lingers as to if a 5'10" kid can make it to the highest levels.  It is up to Michael to answer that question.  That will all happen in due time.  He is a proven entity as a two year starter at Aloha and was instrumental in the Warriors 2010 Championship.  And you will not find a more loyal and humble kid.  

One thing we know is that he will have his chance to move on to the collegiate levels.  Michael made his case against the best of the Region at the NFTC Camp and we were there to catch it all!


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  1. Thejoshpope

    June 20, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Mike Has worked for everything he has got, He is not only one hell of an athlete, but a great man

  2. warriordad02

    August 21, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    I coached him in the 8th grade and nobody works harder that he does. I knew back then he would go places.

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