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Colletto & Borisch Weigh In On Charles

Colletto & Borisch Weigh In On Charles

When the 3 A and 4A WIAA State Football Championship tip-off this weekend it will be the culmination of many years of time and effort spent by every player, parent, coach, and support staff.  You don’t get to the “SHIP” without many many people and they all deserve a huge thanks.  The great players all had people in and out of their school programs who have helped them achieve this great feat and all are to be thanked.

John Charles 550

For the Quarterbacks more than anyone the commitment to be great usually steers them into the path of QB Coaches and Gurus.  While you have all heard about many big groups who claim to have the best guys in their corners this year the undeniable facts are that two of these final 4 QB’s have been trained by the same man.  Quietly Jack Colletto of Camas  and Zach Borisch of Kamiakin have made a perfect run to the State.  Neither is a 7 on 7 junkie.  Neither is a Camp or Combine guy at all.

But here they are, 2 of the last 4 best QB’s left.    Camas (13-0) will take on Richland (13-0) in the 4A final.  Kamaikin (11-2) will take on O’dea (13-0).

One of them lives in Camas, Washington and the other out in Kennewick, Washington and are separated by hundreds of miles.

Jack Colletto Camas Football leads the Papermakers into this weekend big game

Jack Colletto Camas Football leads the Papermakers into this weekend big game

The one thing besides being great football players and being QB’s that they have in common is their QB Coach.  That man is Air One Football’s John Charles.  Consider John the Mr Miagi of Football.  And I mean that in the best way possible.

While the masses of QB’s are out in big training sessions at the Cobra Kai Dojo these two Championship gunslingers were playing the part of Daniel LaRusso.  They were off on a small patch or grass or quiet field learning from the undisputed best QB who has ever played among this current group of great trainers we have.  The man teaches, he watches, he studies his students, and he mentors.  He, John Charles, does it in a way that is all in – all the time.  The first team all American from Portland State was so prolific as a QB in college it was hard to keep stats on him.

The issue with being the Daniel LaRusso character from Karate Kid is that no one really knows you until the big fight.  Charles had these guys prepared for this season in ways very few people even know.  But the fact is when the kick off goes down your going to see in these two athletes the handiwork in great part of Charles.

Zach Borisch leads Kamiakin into the 3 A Finals.

Zach Borisch leads Kamiakin into the 3 A Finals.

I will credit with similar very high marks Taylor Barton and a few others who do this work.  They have had successes year after year and lots of them.  This is a weekend and a year that Charles work is showing up big-time so we are sending some love his way.  He drives and flies to clients and no matter where you are at in the NW you would be hard pressed to find a better mentor or teacher for your kids.

Zach Borisch on John Charles

“John helped me with confidence in myself most of all. Also helping develop my abilities and he hasn’t just been a coach. He’s grown into my family. He calls after every game. Always checks up during the week. Doesn’t always just fare about football. He cares about you as an individual. Wouldn’t be where I am without him.”

Zach Holds a Idaho Offer

Jack Colletto on John Charles

“I would not be where I am without him; he has not only been a coach to me but he has been like a father to me as well. He is the best QB coach I have ever had.”

Jack Colletto holds an Idaho State Offer


John is a great person and a great man.  One of the many great football coaches and stories out of the mighty Pacific NW and for those of you looking to improve I always encourage you to try various trainers.  John Charles is one of them at the very very top of our list and we congratulate him and these great NW athletes.  Have a super weekend and a safe one everyone!

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