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Dalton Milburn Marshfield Giant; Who Will Be First?

Dalton Milburn Marshfield Giant; Who Will Be First?

The State of Oregon has already had 20 athletes get offers from legitimate D-1 Schools. That folks is an all time record! And there are quite a few guys who will still get theirs too. One of those young men is our sleeper pick of the year and we have a pretty good hunch that both in state schools are quietly hoping the word does not get out. Too late for that now. His name is…

His name is Dalton Milburn. He is a three sport athlete at Marshfield High School in North Bend, Oregon.

At 6’6.5″ and 268 pounds Milburn is a true big man. In fact he is the biggest linemen we have seen in State this year. That is not however why we are high on this guy.

What we know is that he is an above average basketball player with terrific hands and feet. He also won the State Discus last week with a great toss of 178 plus feet.

No one in the media out side of a few colleges know about him but like Newport’s Oshay Dunmore, whose small town recruitment blew up big in just two weeks early this year, Milburn is on the verge of big things. The media spotlight is spinning towards him now. When that happens anything is possible.

Currently the word on the street is that Oregon and Oregon State both know about him and may be close to offering. U of W and Montana are coming around too.

But really he should be able to fly very high within the region as a prospect. He has still yet to attend his first football camp or prospect combine which would be a chance for insiders to put eyes on the mountain of a man.

“I might make the Nike Camp at Oregon. After that I am pretty sure that I will go to camp at Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State,” said Milburn.

His AAU Basketball Coach Cameron Turner of the Willamette Reign had this to say, “Dalton is a great athlete in a big frame with really good hands and quick feet for such a big guy. He will be able to play with the best of them I am sure.”

We spoke to his High School Coach Justin Ainsworth who was also very high on Dalton.

“Terrific kid and player with a hard work ethic. He is a D-1 recruit no question,” he offered. “Every D-1 School in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon have called this spring or have been on campus to see Dalton.”

You get the picture. Someone is going to wake up and take a chance because waiting on a kid with upside like this is not usually a good idea.

Dalton is committed to his team and says this year may be a bit of a rebuilding year. Despite that he and some of the returning players are getting the guys to commit to dedicating themselves to win through hard work.

“We may not have stars on this team but we are hard workers and you can not replace that. I like our chances and know that we will compete in every game,” he added.

Besides school and 3 sports a year he enjoys hunting and the out of doors. He lives with his Dad, Mom, and brother Dallas who was the teams QB last season. Dallas is moving on to college and done with football.

Dalton says he likes engineering and will look at what schools who offer have in that area. He said OSU and Colorado are some engineering schools who he may have some interest in.


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