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David Fontenette of Bethel High Receives OSU Offer

David Fontenette of Bethel High Receives OSU Offer

One of the best athletes in the Seattle/Tacoma region is Bethel High School’s David Fontenette.  But he has been under the radar so far quietly working on his skills and waiting for his chance to prove that he belongs in the discussion about the regions best.  For those paying attention however there is no surprise in the fact he just received a very nice scholarship offer.

Fontenette had a terrific campaign in 2010 which started with the teams amazing trip to the heart of High School Football itself.  They went across the country into West Texas and played the Permian Panthers at the legendary Ratliff Stadium.  The same Permian team that the book and movie Friday Night Lights was based off of.

“It was amazing.  The minute we got off the airplane their were banner and signs for the Panthers.  The whole thing was awesome and like being in a movie scene.  It was hot,” said Fontenette.

The surreal atmosphere in Odessa rolled out before him and as he played his game things became like a storybook.  Before he realized what was happening David had the ball in his hands and was breaking upfield on a big off tackle run that had him in the end zone celebrating with his team.

“That was pretty cool to score on them there.  The crowd was amazing and it was special but not as special as being there with my team,” he offered.

The Braves led by QB Justin Hordyk made a terrific effort to say the least.

They put up 549 yards of offense, setting the record for most yards allowed by a Permian defense. The Braves committed four turnovers and had 11 penalties and ended with a 39-21 loss.

“We had our chances but it was great anyway regardless of the loss.  And this year we are going back for more so we will see if we can get this one,” he said confidently.

That started off a season for David where he shined on both sides of the ball.  The 6’2″ and 228 pound  rangy athlete has that star quality you want in a football player.  He is strong, gifted, and a hard worker.

He plays basketball and competes in all the Track events but football is his passion and where he projects best.

That fact was confirmed officially yesterday when Fontenette received a message to call Coach Mike Riley at Oregon State.  Someone he had never met nor spoken to until yesterday.

“When I called OSU they had me hold and then put me right on the phone with Coach Riley.  After a brief introduction Coach offered me a scholarship to play football for the Beavers.  It happened so quick you know I was almost not sure what to say,” said David calmly.

The conversation lasted another ten minutes or so and David now plans to visit OSU on June 18th where he will take part in the Beaver’s Camp.  It will be a time for him to visit the campus and get to know the staff who now want him to join Beaver Nation.

Beyond that he has heard from a host of other schools but admits it has been a little quiet lately. Wyoming, Boise State, Washington State, and Oregon have all been in touch though.

“I am going to the U of W Rising Stars Camp, the Nike NFTC Camp at Oregon, and the Oregon Ducks Football camp the 19th to the 24th.  Whatever happens now I am going to just work hard and keep trying my best,” he concluded.

The Beaver’s in typical Beaver fashion are working hard to find the best talent they can find which means going after guys who are not always the obvious choice.   They do a great job of recruiting and in Fontenette they have found an athlete whose Game Speed is far faster then his 4.58 reported time.

He is an athlete that can play TE, OLB, Slot, or TB.  Hard to say where he will end up but Bethel’s David Fontenette is heading onward and upward to bigger things after he is done at Bethel.

A great kid and a great development for he and his team and community.  We will keep you updated on his progress.



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