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No Days Off- Even For NWPR

Northwest Prep Report is now 10 years in the trenches and a Day off seemed to be a good idea. Boy were we wrong!

No Days Off- Even For NWPR

Sort of a fun Sunday morning post.

As most of you know our relentless work is driven by the desire to help the kids of the NW and guess what?  We have never charged for that in almost a decade of dedication.  Other then the fact we are short staffed we are at everything.

Always have been and always will be.

So when we decided to take a day off from football and take care of of some much needed personal errands we figured that meant we had the day off.   Boy we were wrong and have never been happier to be so.  A phone call came in at 10 Am and it went like this.

“Hey Coach are you going to the Metro Linemen’s Challenge today?”

“Oh shoot.. I don’t think I can.  When does it start?”

“At 11 Am in Tualatin.”

Looking down at my watch and realizing I was in Tigard already it was On Like Donkey Kong as us 1980’s Arcade Game kids say.   After all how could I miss out on seeing the big men go at it?

“Yes..I’m on my way”


Tualatin High battled to the win and the 400 lb tire flip was a strong point for them!

Two hours later I had watched some really talented kids battle it out as teams in the pursuit of the Team title.  The Metro Linemens Challenge is just that.  A team competition of strength, speed, and agility in which 15 of the areas best teams battle to see which team can average the highest scores overall.  Teams with a beast super star really have no advantage over the others as it is the depth of the talent that wins this one.

The host school Tualatin won this one again and we were very impressed with how strong their athletes were overall.

Coach Ian Reynoso, a former Duck, sees the 4th year as a real success overall.  15 teams competed in the day long event and he talked about it with our friends from the Oregonian / Oregonlive yesterday.

To the Mix we add our Camera work which was spot on…as usual. Big Boss

Now after 2 hours we had to push off and get to work.  There were errands to run and work to be done and a PAYING job at 4′ O-Clock.   No big deal just a consult on a large subdivision project we are doing for a client.  Yes I am a 70 hour a week full time Real Estate Broker of 30 years.  Believe it (and yes we need your business and will always give back to your team).    So back to work.

Wait.  What’s that?   Some of these same teams have a passing league at Tigard HS?  Well that’s 5 minutes from here.  Heck yah!  Sheldon?  Lake Oswego?  Tigard? Glencoe?  Wilsonville?  Glencoe?  Oh man I better hurry.

Stop #2 Tigard Passing League

Ok 1 hour to spare.  I will just take care of these personal items later on.  Off to Tigard.

At Tigard we got to see some of the best talent in the State go at it.  Guys like Jett Even and AJ Hotchkins & Manu Rasmussen and Jake Bigelow from Tigard.  Lake Oswego was well represented led by pure star Nick Underwood.  Sheldon was fun to watch as Yadie Dunmore and Liam Talty led a superbly talented Irish squad under their new gunslinger.  And I will tell you that these Glenco Crimson Tide boys can play.  Century had speed all over that field too.

Jett Even set's up to pass as Daren Rodrigues and Manu Rasmussen head out into the passing lanes!

Jett Even set’s up to pass as Daren Rodrigues and Manu Rasmussen head out into the passing lanes!

It was a great event and it only confirmed what we know about those athletes and opened our eyes to several others.

EDITORS NOTE:  I want to commend Glencoe for committing their kids to safety by wearing the soft helmets made by GameBreaker.  We advocate for that as more and more injuries are creating issues for insuring these events but moreover the cost of having a player hurt.  Century had a severe collision during the event which you will see a picture of here and it led to a young man being badly concussed.  The Coaches did a great job of attending to him and he was well cared for.  Now his healing begins and we want him to come back 110% ASAP.

But GameBreaker is a leader in this space and we have to mention that.  Many leagues and State’s have already moved to helmets only during these events.  These soft helmets really help in these events and we have a Discount Available for Game Breaker Helmets so please contact me anytime at 5037998383 to get more info.  Something to think about on a Sunday morning.

Here are the Pics from Tigard Passing League.

Oh so it’s Sunday.   Come out and look at our New Custom Homes by Timberland Homes.  I promise we will be there and today I am pretty sure there is no High School Football going down.

Hold on a second…. my phone is ringing.

Have a nice Sunday NW Football Fam!

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