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Devin Thompson Detected On College Radar

Devin Thompson Detected On College Radar

The Liberty Falcons are in a position to make quite a run this season after a great showing in 2014 and the 5 A Hillsboro High School returns several stars and just a solid team.  The Falcons win on a team concept and fly to the ball on defense with aggression and purpose.  The offense will have some real firepower too.

Devin Thompson 550

Devin Thompson of Liberty High School recently completed a recruiting tour of several schools which we will report on soon.

Earlier this Summer we covered the continued rise of Kaelin Himphill, a 6’2″-215 lb linebacker, who has some FCS schools offering him and schools like Oregon in touch.  Joining him at linebacker are some other top talent and one of them is Devin Thompson.  He too is 6’2″- and 215 lbs and this All League and All State fast mover is really looking to make some moved and be a leader.

Winning a Championship for the relatively young High School is on everyone’s mind.  Thompson should be a collegiate recruit- he is a team first guy which we totally love.  But we have to give him a major shout out and credit for being one of the best in the game this season.  Therefore we are placing him  on our NWPR All NW Top 200.  His speed and ability to get to the ball carrier and to shed  blocks is top notch.  But it is his fundamental play, form tackling, and perfect positioning on the field that make him most effective.    Devin is one we will be watching and he has certainly landed on several college coaches radar with more to come.

Catch Devin’s Film from 2014-

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