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Dexter Carter Remains Top Recruit Looking For A Home

Dexter Carter Remains Top Recruit Looking For A Home

Glacier Peak High School in Washington has had some fine athletes in the past couple of decades roll through their football program.  The past few years one of those has been 5’10”- 185 pound athlete Dexter Carter.  He has always stood out at any camp and to me is a natural selection as a college football player.

Dexter Carter

Carter popped for 1,308 yards all purpose last season and 18 TD’s and was the WESCO Offensive 3A Player of the Year.   As a defender he is equally good and has great skill and ability to move on the next level; as good as anyone.

Now you might wonder if he is this good why is he still looking for a home for college?  Consider what we see with these recruits and then what we do not see.  Issues of poverty, and struggle, and homelessness take precedent over football sometimes and for Carter and many kids it has been a very reality. At this time he is holding down a 3.1 GPA and holding things together but his road has not been an easy one.

The other issues, and he confessed this in our indepth conversation, is that people misread him and his intentions at collegiate events.  As quick as teams have recruited him they seem to cool off on him.  He feels it is a perception thing; he has been preoccupied with his families well being and sometimes is distant and distracted when in the presence of college coaches.  That comes across the wrong way – and as good as he is Dexter is not a self promoter and not a Social Media butterfly rarely checking in/

Do not be fooled coaches- underneath the real story with this kid is a winner and a gamebreaker.  We love him, understand him, and if you all look close and can find a way to give him an opportunity you have a force you can harness and train for mutual success and benefit.  I feel Dexter Carter is deserving and will make a great addition to any JC team or NAIA or D2 team right now.  His ability is capable of taking him all the way and we are asking you to take a look and give him a shot.

Watch Dexter Carter do his thing in this look back at his 2015 Campaign

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