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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Says What Was Needed To Kahuku Nation

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Says What Was Needed To Kahuku Nation

Having spent time in Hawaii and having developed so many great friends and coaches in Football there it was with great anticipation our household watched to see what was going to happen in the State Championship game between St Louis and Kahuku.    This was two heavy weights going at it in a classic battle between private and public schools.  Between money and privelge and the less fortunate.  The tiny country town of Kahuku on the far North East Shore of Hawaii is a place few tourists know about.  But anyone that knows anything about Hawaii and Football knows this is a place where football is as ingrained as Permian.  They Eat-Sleep-Sing-Love-Live it!

The Red Raiders had won 7 State Titles coming into this game and all since 1999 when the current playoff system was instituted and are supreme champions.  St Louis is also a powerhouse having won three themselves and is the home of the great one- Marcus Mariota!  So this game they played was big for many reasons.

Enter “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.  Huh?

Yes- the man has ties to Kahuku (many Hawaiians seem to) and he had something to say to them. He shot a video 3 days ago and sent it to the team.  It has now gone semi-viral and it raised the temperatures and the fire in the bellies of Red Raiders from what we have been told.  They carried that energy onto the field and won the game 39-14 causing 6 turnovers and holding St Louis to one of the lowest offensive productions ever.  That makes State Title #8!!!

Love or Hate “The Rock” the message was clear.  Who ever punches the hardest, Rich or Poor, wins!  We run this because it is timeless and passionate- for that we salute him!

The Rock’s Shout-Out to KahukuYou HAVE to listen to Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s absolutely rousing speech to pump up the Kahuku Red Raiders before their state championship game tomorrow against the Saint Louis Crusaders! As a huge fan of “The Rock”, now I’m all riled up! Best of luck to BOTH teams! Hawaii News Now Kahuku Red Raider Football News and Video’s (KahukuNation) Saint Louis School #HawaiiNewsNow #HiNews #808News #HawaiiNews McKinley High School Class of 1973 Honolulu Hawaii

Posted by Stephanie Lum Hawaii News Now on Friday, November 20, 2015

Congrats to the Red Raiders- and to St Louis.

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