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Eric Dungey Ads Air Force – How Hot Is He?

Eric Dungey Ads Air Force – How Hot Is He?

Lakeridge High School is going through a football renaissance of sorts as they proud football program has come back to their winning ways in the last couple of years.  Despite a coaching situation there which has stolen National headlines the boys just keep on playing the game and doing so in the best of fashion.  At the heart of this success is their QB Eric Dungey who has been on that varsity squad since he was a Freshmen and he has made a serious impact for 3 years now.  The 6’4″- 215 lb gunslinger is now focused on the season ahead as well as his substantial recruitment.

Eric Dungey is now at 6 offers with addition of Navy and Air Force.

Eric Dungey is now at 6 offers with addition of Navy and Air Force.

He now has 6 offers which include Harvard, Brown, Montana State, UNLV, Navy, and now Air Force.  You can see these schools are all academic schools; a reflection on Eric’s near 4.0 record in High School.

We caught up to Eric after the Air Force offer last night to talk about that honor and the idea of playing for a military academy.

“The Air Force is able to offer a top notch education and is able to pay for med school as well.  Also one of my best friends Nick Underwood is committed there and we always talked about being able to play college ball together.  Now that is going to be a possibility,” said Dungey.


He has some serious interest from Vanderbilt and Tennessee as well as a few other big time programs.  Many analysts believe his size and his ability to run make him a Pac 12 guy too.  We sure do not see any reason that is not the case.

Dungey like most of the top recruits is planning to descend upon the Northwest Elite Football Camp in Tukwilla, Washington.  With most of the Pac 12 watching he has a real chance to separate himself and  grab an offer form one or more of them; just as all the athletes do.

This young man is one of the finest in the West and we are so happy to have covered Eric the past 3 seasons while he has been on this wild ride.  We look forward to seeing how his story ends as well and of course will share it with you; our readers.

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