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Faces In The Crowd: Ryan Lewis Of Eastlake

Faces In The Crowd: Ryan Lewis Of Eastlake

It was a busy weekend with friends old and new coming out of the woodwork and we took the opportunity to say hello to as many of them as we could.  One of the athletes that really stood out and became a recruited athlete as we covered him this past year was Eastlake High School's Ryan Lewis.

From the Nike Football Training Camp to the Friday Night Lights Ryan rose to the position of a true collegian.  Covering him throughout the year was our privelege and the end of this chapter of the story is the part where he graduates and heads off to College on a Scholarship.

Ryan is one of the lucky ones and will play at Pitt like his Father before him.  To see him taller, faster, and more developed this past weekend was just awesome.  He is happy and full of life too just as all these kids are.  

Football is a game he plays but is not who he is.   Ryan is a terrific student and it is work in the classroom that should impress us all.  Football breaks men over time.  But it cab be a means to an end for kids like Ryan who will use the finest aspects of the game and the scholarship it will provide him to go on to big things in his life.

Along the way we all became friends and it was great to see him sprinting this weekend for his team.

Here is our interview and we congratlate him one last time on these acheivements.


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