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Federal Way Eagle Uso Olive Wins 5 Star MVP

Federal Way Eagle Uso Olive Wins 5 Star MVP

August 2, 2011

Dirk Knudsen Editor

The 5 Star Camp Defensive Line group last Sunday was the most loaded at the camp. There were no less then 5 athletes there who can and will earn D-1 level scholarships. Boy they proved that going down after down after down and getting after it all the way. At the end it was a close call but they gave the D-Line MVP award to Federal Way High School Senior Uso Olive. He is in a word a brut.

Now O’live partly got the edge over some of the regions best because he fully competed in the Combine testing and did so very well. His 5.04 40 was more then respectable. His vertical in the High 20’s and his shuttle in the mid 4 second range. The other thing about Uso is his core strength.

He tossed the power ball 45 feet which is something usually reserved for long lanky types. His 430 pound bench and 550 squat seem unreal and we sat and watched as he moved people out of his way on offense and defense in the drills.

Uso just received an offer from Arizona State and is saying he loved OSU and the U of W but that he is also going to possibly decide while he is there in Tempe.

He had a message for teams playing catch up.

“Don’t pass me up man… you need somebody to fill in that gap that’s me,” he boasted. And you know what? He is right. His 300 pound muscular frame is too massive and too fast to be denied.

His stature is shorter then many coaches like at the Nose / DT spot but he will be so hard to block and has a motor that could power the Titanic if it was still floating! We have talked about him enough.

The games are just weeks away and he and his Federal Way Eagles are looking very strong right now. So recruiters.. trust us. He is worth a close look!

Other top finishers in the D-Line group were Cody FulletonHobie Sisk, and Sawyer Whalen.

Here is the interview we caught with Uso.


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