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Floyd, Bynum, Steiger, Bring Real Football To Friday

Floyd, Bynum, Steiger, Bring Real Football To Friday

The Wildcats of Wilsonville have a lot of talented players and a deep bench.  They are one of the biggest and best 5 A football teams in the State of Oregon and many experts  have them winning it all before the season is over.  This week the team will take a Win by a forfeit as the Milwaukie Mustangs have announced that they will forfeit due to safety concerns.  Frankly we do not blame them.

There are hyped players and camp junkies and then there are those that just play the game and produce.  Take Seniors Kaden Floyd (6’1″-220 lbs.), Harrison Steiger (6’3″- 190 lbs. WR ), and Junior Draco Bynum (6’5″- 250 lbs.).  All of them represent the finest of the Friday Night brand at not only their own schools but in the entire NW.  These guys are Real players.  They have earned the right to be named among the best and yet they remain below the radar.

These athletes are what we hear college coaches say they want.  Truly authentic home grown athletes who are not a construct of rankings and non-padded camps. The only way these 3 have earned the rights to move on and play college ball is through sweat and blood and effort.  That ends up on film and we want to recognize these three for what they bring to the table.  They are substantial and to have 1 athlete of this caliber on a team is great. The fact that Wilsonville has 3 like this and more too is amazing.

Floyd, Bynum, Steiger, Bring Real Football To Friday

Kaden Floyd



Kaden Floyd- Senior Linebacker:  This guy is a hitter and a finisher.  He flys into every play with the intent of ending it and he does that.  Time and again in the 6 game film below you will see a hard nosed fundamental tackler who is fast, powerful, relentless, and violent.  He loves to hit and admitted that to me.  How any college is not interested in a kid like this is hard to see.  Watch Kaden rack up 73 tackles, 5 Sacks, and wreak total havoc on opponents in just 6 games this season!



Harrison Steiger 2016

Harrison Steiger – Senior Wide Receiver –  Harrison is the real deal.  And yes he has an Air Force Scholarship.  One of the top 3 or 4 guys in Oregon he is the complete package.  He is close to 500 yards and 10 TD’s on only 28 receptions.  That is over 20 yards per catch.  He has terrific hands, is long at 6’3″, and has terrific speed.  More then anything we like his spacing and ability to find the open field.  He is a hard worker and a winner. 


Draco Bynum2016



Draco Bynum-  6’5″- 248 lbs – Junior-  Draco is not just another big kid who can play.  He is one of the most explosive big men we have seen in a long time and has he potential to play at the very highest levels.  His frame is still lean at almost 250 lbs. and he is only going to get taller and bigger.  He could make 6’7″.  He is an excellent tight end but truly a top tier defensive end.  From the moment the ball flinches he is moving with purpose, vision, and aggressiveness.  We see this being his natural fit.  That does not mean he could not play any of the O’line positions.  We believe Draco is a Pac 12 athlete and would encourage, no urge, our instate schools to be making a move on this guy.  We see him as a 1o offer recruit in 1 year and that is not a stretch.

Check Out his Defensive Film Here

Check Out his Offensive Film Here


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