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      Camps, Clinics, Football Events are all here - post what you got but make sure you have the best options for our readers and are on point. Also feel free to post a great or bad experience here. This is resource guide for Parents and Athletes too!
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    • 11 months, 1 week ago

       Dirk Knudsen

    • The Players Lounge
      The Players Lounge is where Current High School and College / Pro football players weigh in with their input on what works and what doesn't work in their opinion in regards to standing out, getting recruited, and also just flat out making it past High School.  Some are in college now, others are done with football, and current players should hang out here too. This is a place to school up the y0ung-guns with how this Game within The Game really works!  Post away!
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    • 11 months, 4 weeks ago

       Dirk Knudsen

    • Under The Radar
      Under The Radar is the Forum on NWPR where we will all join together to shine a spot-light the top athletes we like who need our support!
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