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The Importance Of An Unofficial Visit

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    Dirk Knudsen

    It just occurred to me that many people do not realize that an Un-Official Visit is a time where the athlete and their families are getting a terrific benefit. Today Wilsonville (OR) Junior Draco Bynum who we have been helping for a couple of years did another Unofficial visit to the UW. Now he has been to Junior Days but this 6’5″ 240 lb Junior TE/DE got some serious love at the event today! He has taken at least 7 or 8 Unofficials to schools like UO and USC and today was so impressive that he committed!

    Unofficial Visits are huge- the main issue here is that the college can not and does not pay for the Visit – if they did that would be an Official Visit and athlete are allowed only 5 of these visits during the athletes Senior season or after the season. So these Unofficial visits are a HUGE part of recruiting because offers are happening earlier and earlier and colleges want to meet a recruit and his family before an offer is made.

    While I do not Recommend a family paying for an NCSA recruiting package their free materials are great- here is a good short article on the benefits of the Unofficial Visit!

    Draco Bynum just committed verbally to the UW- so his visit this weekend resolves many many issues before he even plays his Senior season out! Hope this post helps!

    Best wishes to all-

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    Coach Knudsen

    Good post!  Could not agree more!

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      Dirk Knudsen

      Thanks!   Look at Talanoa Hufanga!  He Got an offer and committed after going on his Unofficial!  Saved himself a lot of hassle, he gets to play out his HS Career and enjoy things with No Pressure (well less) and the UW has a guy they needed locked up!  If he had not taken this Unofficial and many others the Coaches would not have known him as well and he certainly would not have known them!  Now we realize this is an extreme example because this guy had offers based on his film and reputation but the big schools were not offering him without meeting him first hand. Imagine that you have no offers but have all that coaches want.  How are they supposed to meet you and get to know you when they have no time?  They are not!  SO bottom line is get to Unofficials whenever and wherever you can!


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    Scott Elder

    Unofficial visits are a great way for players and families to get a good idea of how a college program works. I think that it’s important to leave the football fan hat at home and bring the parent hat with you. It’s easy to be enamored with big stadiums, high profile players, big shiny weight rooms, etc.

    It’s a great way of seeing how the college program works up close. You usually will get to say hello to the coaches and possibly the players. The college will vey some clarity to how interested you are in them. More importantly, you can get a good idea of how interested they are in you. Be confident, make eye contact, answer questions particularly, know your GPA/test scores of the top of your head.

    Remember, to a college, this is a $50,000-$200,000 (value of scholarship) investment in a 17 or 18 year old kid, so they have to be serious.  So, you should be, too. Part of the reason a Power 5 coach can make the money they are paid is their ability to find the right kids for what they are trying to accomplish on and off the field.






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    Dirk Knudsen

    Great response Coach-  This will be very helpful to parents and players too!  For those of you that do not already know, Coach Scott is Bailey Elder’s father who is a recruited big man out of Washington who is really gaining some attention!

    Thanks for the post Coach!


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