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Why Coaches want a Multi-Sport Recruit!

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    Coach Knudsen

    The key to succeeding in sports, in general, is to try everything! I loved baseball more than anything in my life- I was built to play football- but wrestling, baseball, and golf were all things I did well at all sports. When I was asked one day to throw the Javelin at PSU I told them I had no time – the track coach asked me to come throw the Javelin. I tied the school record on my second throw. That was something I had never done. In the end I played baseball and did track and Golf all in the spring- I set the school record and lettered in 5 sports in 1955. Those were different times but the facts were I did so well in football because these other sports helped me develop many big muscle groups. Later in life as a coach, I always loved football guys who wrestled or played basketball – or any sport. You show me an athlete that can pass his classes and compete in 2 or more sports and I will show you a great recruit! Hope that helps guys!

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