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Harrison Greenberg Working Hard to Gain Kickers Edge

Harrison Greenberg Working Hard to Gain Kickers Edge

You can only imagine what it must be like to be in that pressure cooker. The game on the line and all eyes…thousands of them… on you and only you. “Hero or Goat?,” you ask yourself as you step into the breach and try and muster the mental strength to not fail and to do what you were born to do. An open black sky and a narrow opening framed in yellow poles taunt you as you breath deep and unleash the mechanism.

That is how a kicker must feel. Because at the end of the day they are the one player that determines more outcomes then anyone. It is a mental game in so many ways that is waged in a small space between their ears.

A breed apart from everyone else that only a select few are capable of being. Lake Oswego High School’s Harrison Greenberg is one of those guys.

The Junior kicker had a great 2010 campaign lead his team every time he had a chance and contributing 64 points in the 10-3 season. They came closer then anyone else did to beating the Champion Aloha Warriors late in the season.

Greenberg went 6 for 7 in field goals and 46 of 49 with Extra Points. He also kicks off and punts too.

While he is above average at all the kicks it is Field Goals where he thinks he can shine the best.

“My best last year was 36 yards and many of my field goals were over 30 yards. But I have hit a 53 yarder and many over 50 in camps and work outs,” said Greenberg. “So I am ready when Coach needs me to hit long one in a game.”

Greenberg is mechanically very sound and has a powerful leg. The trademark of any kicker. He is working out 2 times a week with a specialty strength Coach and also trains with two different Kicking coaches when he can.

He also attends the top kicking camp in the Nation run by kicking guru Chris Sailer. In May he attended Coach Sailer’s Camp who has this to say.

“Harrison is a very good kicker. He has a good leg and makes kicks with nice consistency. Shows great improvement each time we see him. Fine young man with great attitude and work ethic. Has all the tools to take his game to the college level. Solid prospect all around,” said Sailer.

Beyond the physical gifts Harrison knows what he has to do to succeed. Because he feels that most of his improvement needs to be done in the mental realm he has sought out a kickers path to enlightenment.

“Well I am doing Bikram Yoga twice a week. Spending 90 minutes in a 105 degree room performing 28 complex positions both standing and sitting will make you mentally tough,” he said stating that the mental challenge of getting through the strenuous work outs really has helped him.

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