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Hawaiian Boys Join NWPR Family

Hawaiian Boys Join NWPR Family

Last season as a part of the Vype Sports Network that we helped launch we posted up a Sister site to NWPR called  That site is still there but soon will go down.  I have always considered the boys of the Islands a part of our Football family here in the NW.  We are connected by our wonderful Pacific Ocean and our people have made our lives connected through work, travel,  food, dance, culture, and yes Football too.

Under our News By State tab, you coaches and readers will find stories on athletes from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and now Hawaii.  We claim these States as our domain and all who compete in this sport and their families as a part of ours. So we will cover Hawaii and other Islands from time to time.

Having dispensed with the formalities we wanted to send some love to a couple of big-time talents who from powerhouse St Louis High School on Oahu.  Reaching out to NWPR this week for help getting entrance to The Opening Regional Camp in Oakland, California was strength and conditioning Coach Marcus Kimura.  Because The Opening is an invite only it can be very hard to get in.  Our years of relationship building have us dialed in pretty nicely when it comes to Nike and we were able to accommodate the request.

With Alumni like Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Mariota and 2016 All American QB (#1 in the Nation) Tua Tagovailoa, the Crusaders are in a class of their own.  Legendary Coach Cal Lee is at the helm of the football program and the incomparable  June Jones is now the Athletic Director.  Tua’s brother has already earned a scholarship from Alabama (where Tua is at after winning the Opening last year)  and he will lead the team the next 2 seasons.  The team is loaded top to bottom and you can bet they will be for years to come.

#8 for the Crusaders is Outside Linebacker Isaiah Taliulu.  This young man has impressive speed and is a threat in the passing lanes and as a run stopper.  His Junior Year was cut short with an injury which he came back from but not before he posted some serious film.  Coaches recruiting this young man will find a star player on and off the field.  His contact info in the link above for those wanting to reach out.  We got the kid his Golden Ticket so he will make it to the Opening!

Joining him with an invite in hand is big time Safety Kai Kaneshiro.  By any standards this cat can hang- he is as big and as fast of a safety as we have seen and his put that “Island Style” stamp on every tackle.  Kai has incredible combine testing numbers and if he can post a high enough SPARQ rating he just may make it through to the finals in Beaverton, Oregon this season.

There will be more stories on our boys from Hawaii.  Having family in the Islands we are all about them.  There is no football team nor organization that has not seen the talent and the spirit of these warriors and we love to help them no matter where they come from.

If you are from Hawaii set up a Free profile here and we will cover you.  Our tens of thousands of readers include many coaches who constantly encourage us to keep the stories coming- new talent and new names are the life blood of NWPR!  Register right here and we will do all we can to help!

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