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Idaho State Grabs Isaiah Walter Of AC Davis

Idaho State Grabs Isaiah Walter Of AC Davis

We featured Isaiah Walter of A.C. Davis High in Yakima, Washington as an example of how athletes should go about the recruiting process and how they should prepare a specific player resume to use when communicating with Coaches.  Well his play on the field matched his recruiting resume- both were impressive.  That led to some offers and interest and a visit.  Walter found what he was looking for and the nifty 2 way athlete has found a home and committed to Idaho State University!

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“I want to update you and let you know that I COMMITTED to Idaho State University tonight for a FULL Scholarship at the end of our in home visit.  So excited and happy. Thanks so much for everything,” said Walter by email last night.

So we asked him why Idaho State?  Like the rest of his communications he returned a speedy and concise response.

I chose Idaho State because-

ACADEMICS, SOCIAL, ATHLETIC is what Coach Troxel said there priority order is. Which really impressed me and my family.
They have a no nonsense approach = NO FLUFF NO FRILLS. Recruited me literally all in a total of one month (basically 5-8 emails form Coach Kramer in the last month) and then they offered me a Full Scholarship.  My family and I are the same way we are no nonsense and straight forward people so it is a great fit with coaching staff and we loved the recruiting approach from them.
They offer all the majors that I am interested in now (still undecided though on a definite major but I am leaning towards Physical Therapy or Criminal Justice).
Location is ideal to me. Its 8.5 hour drive from my house so its just far enough away from home that I cant come home all the time and never get used to being away from home for a long stretch but it is also just close enough to home that I can go home on a three day weekend if I want to and my family can come to games etc etc.
My family did a lot of research on the staff and the program and talked to VERY trusted people that they know and ALL reports came back that Head Coach Mike Kramer is a straight up no nonsense guy and everyone we talked to spoke so highly of him and the team and the direction of the program and the campus/college life.
ISU competes in the Big Sky Conference which is a high level of competition. ISU football program and staff is committed to a high level of operation.
So just like that Idaho State has landed a gifted speedster and a leader and future contributor to the school and the football program.  This was a good fit and we preach that- find your fit and don’t chase a name or title because that generally leads to disappointment.
Congrats to Isaiah Walter.
We ask any of you recruits landing offers or choosing your schools to share the news with us through email, text, Facebook, or Tweet so we can share the news to the world!  Thank you all-



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