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Incredible Talent Lands Freshmen Sav’ell Smalls Huskies Offer

Incredible Talent Lands Freshmen Sav’ell Smalls Huskies Offer

Over this past Summer we met a lot of great underclassmen.  Many of them stood out but the one that wowed us right out of the gate was a 6’4″- 220 lb. 8th grader named Sav’ell Smalls who we covered at the NWEFC this past Summer.  Folks this is a 6’4″- 230 pound fast mover who is only 14 years old.  Nobody has seen a kid competing at this level at this age around the NW ever that I can remember and that is saying a lot.

Sav'ell Smalls 550

#9 at D-end is Sav’ell Smalls who will be at Garfield HS in Seattle next season!


Smalls showed up Big at that camp dominating some of the best players in the State and he had never even played a down of High School ball.  He is a 2020 recruit and his size will land him a lot of interest.   Having said that today Coach Pete at the UW offered him and this is very very unprecedented.  Only a Verbal offer can be extended but from his standpoint I am sure he had to do this.  The Huskies and any team in the Nation will want to fight to get a guy like this so why not be the first to offer.  Here is what Smalls had to say tonight.

NWPR:  Sav’ell  tell me about this last season- you started on Varsity? How did it go?
So this past season I started for Kennedy at outside linebacker/DE. We finished 7-3, losing in the first round of the playoffs to Mariner High school. I received 2nd team all league honors, ending the year with 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, a lot of tackles, 17 sacks, and numerous special team blocks.
 NWPR:  So about equal time on offense and defense last year?  I know your a very good Tight End.
Actually no. All season I had around 10 balls thrown to me, I got in once every blue moon.
Sav'ell Small
 NWPR:  That’s ok.  You have 3 more season left for that!  So how do you go from that to a UW offer?  We knew you would attract a lot of attention from our side because of your size – and ability- but this is pretty amazing!  How did the offer happen? Who did you meet with?
So UW offered me as a DE/OLB, and I got a lot of playing time there. So I just balled out and worked hard and during the season UW had invited me to two of their games.  This season and I met with a few coaches like Coach Malloe, the Defensive Line coach, and it just went from there.
NWPR:  So this is a verbal of course but this has to mean a lot to you. What goes through your mind at this point as far as the offer, what it means, and where things could go?
I still don’t know how to feel right now. Talking to Coach Pete was amazing and he told me that he’s only offered a freshmen once or twice so I felt honored to hear those words come out of his mouth. But people are saying more offers are going to come now and colleges are going to say this and that. But I’m still a 14 year old and I just have to continue working hard in the classroom, the field, the weight room and all of that,  so I can have a choice to look into different colleges and see which one fits me the best.
NWPR:  Right on!  Your a 4.0 student or close right?
Yes Sir!

 He is training right now and going to focus on Football and school.  This kid is going to be 6’7″ or 6’8″ no doubt and while he has soft hands and terrific speed he is probably going to end up marauding opposing teams backfields.  If he had 17 sacks he would be one of the top guys in the US from last season.  Again a Freshmen- only a Freshmen!  He ha transferred to Garfield and plans to play High School ball there.
Now sit back and just enjoy this one.  This is film any player could aspire to have.  Have we said we have the best guys in the Country are here in the NW?  Yes – we have because they are.  Coaches here is one kid to get on right now.  Coach Pete and the Huskies have their hands full getting ready for Alabama but not to busy to get after recruiting and Sav’ell Smalls is one kid they went all in on and we sure see why!


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