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Jake Meisen Lands Offer On Way To Title

Jake Meisen Lands Offer On Way To Title

The West Linn Lions are ready to play one last game against the best opponent that 2016 could produce; the Central Catholic Rams.  The Rams are just as loaded as the Lions with big names on both sides headed off the the Pac 12.

It is in these games that we always remind our readers and the athletes that it is the lesser known guys who win these games.  The stars do what they do.  They are always a factor but while many will be watching them “go off” we will be watching guys like Jake Meisen.  He is one of many athletes who are as fine of  a high school football players as you will ever see who will be playing Saturday!

Jake Meisen 550-1

Meisen, a terrific wide receiver for the Lions, just landed his first offer from Southern Oregon University.  This is a big deal for any kid and we got 30 seconds of his time to ask a few questions.

From our Staff Writer Parker Edwards comes this tonight:

Parker:  Jake the offer is terrific!  How does it feel?

Jake Meisen:  I feel great having my first offer. I’ve had a goal to play college football forever, and to see things come together like this awesome!

Parker:  Who else have you heard from?  Colleges clearly appreciate your abilities.

Jake Meisen: Some schools are interested. Portland State, Central Washington and Carroll College.

Parker:  Take me down to Providence Park on Saturday- what is going through your mind as this game draw near?

Jake Meisen:I would rather play in this game on Saturday than get any college offer in the country and that is real. There is nothing like the family you build with a high school football team and the one we have is special. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be emotional, and if we get the outcome we want it will be crazy. I love this team and we are ready for Saturday!

Jake is 6’1″- and 185 lbs and one of the finest the NW has to offer.  Having the best Oregon QB of all time in Tim Tawa tossing him the pill is a given plus.  But he has to make these catches to make Tim this good too- great wide receivers are clearly an equal part of the great QB story.

Look at Meisen’s film.  Watch him and many more at the game Saturday and find them all on our #AllNWTOP300  Recruits list right here.

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