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Jared Reed Fulfills Promise Of Genetics & Family

Jared Reed Fulfills Promise Of Genetics & Family

There are some things we know in life about the type of people we might become.  Physically, perhaps more then mentally, we tend to be like our lineage and our genetics from purely a science standpoint give us an idea of what we can become.  Do I look like my Dad?  People say so.  I’m bigger – not as tough I will admit – but we at some point could have passed for each other.

Family plays a huge part as well and in football that comes across in the form of football skills, demeanor for the game, and things like coach-ability.

Jared reed

So in interviews I often ask about family and if the athlete I am speaking with has connections in sport.  This is always to understand what we are dealing with in terms of both genetics and potential.  Many times great players are the product of great players.

Take wide receiver phenom Cooper Kupp at EWU who appears headed to the NFL.  He was not the most dominate guy at camps and clinics going into his Senior year at AC Davis out in Yakima.  But there was an element about him we detected.  It could have been a hunch so we asked him about family late in his High School career.  Turns out his Dad, Craig Kupp, played QB in the NFL and his grandfather Jake Kupp was in the NFL as a guard.  Many colleges did not know that connection or the fact that the genetic material for greatness was in his bones.  By the time he pasted Oregon State for 120 yards and 2 TD’s in a 2013 EWU upset of the Beavers the word was out.  Then in 2015 Kupp went off at Autzen Stadium catching 15 balls for 246 yards and 3 TD’s setting the all time single game receiving record at the Ducks home stadium.  And he did it against all 3 and 4 star prospects from Oregon. Watch Kupp go off right here.

To my point: 10 years ago I met a scrawny kid on the youth football fields over at Beaverton’s Westview HS at a camp.  He did not look like much but he had a quiet determination about him.  Soon I would see him run and move with the best kids in the mix.  After that I met his Father, Daryl, who I went on to become great friends with and admire as a person and coach.

Watching Jared Reed over many years we saw a competitive but under sized kid.  No one would say he was going to be a Division 1 scholarship player.  Maybe a good youth and then High School player.  That seemed to be the role.  The last couple of years he has shone brighter and brighter at Central Catholic and has some nice moments putting together a solid but not amazing Junior season.

For those watching however the skill set was obvious.  Jared was growing and filling out and training. His technique above most defensive backs.  Genetics and Family were beginning to play out.  The genetic promise of his father, a former Duck and NFL prospect, was coming to the forefront.  Jared’s training and skill set too has fulfilled that same promise; family and football are providing him what he needs to be one of the best.

One guy watching has been PSU Viking’s Head Football Coach who along with his staff have recruited and offered young Reed a chance to be a part of the rise of the football program.  Jared has received and been offered a full ride at PSU.   Still not the biggest kid Reed appears ready.  I surmise he will grown some more but at 5’11” and nearly 170 lbs he will be ready to compete.  I would look for a great Senior year as well from him.

Here is a nice look back at one of his Dad’s highlight moments at Oregon back in the late 1980’s.

The younger Reed proclaimed hi verbal allegiance to the Vikings on June 27 th via Twitter.

Jared Reed 1


His Hudl showcase 4 picks and many pass break ups.  A nice piece of film for sure.

Jared tells me has other Big Sky interest as well as some Ivy League suitors and perhaps schools like San Diego.  He has had a very productive off season following up his Junior year and we have him as one of the best cover Corner Backs in the Region.

Smart coaches look way beyond the obvious.  For all of you touting youth football players out there please just stop.  It means nothing and that is more of a curse then a blessing.  Good High School film and work coupled with great grades will make a player a potential target for college recruiting.  College coaches and analysts will look deeper and in the case of guys like Jared Reed those genetics and family connections often pay of big time.

We are very very happy for Jared Reed and are not surprised by this success!

Who else is out there where genetics and family are playing a role in recruiting we should know about?  Send us your tips-


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