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Jarred Daul Ponders Ducks Walk On Offer

Jarred Daul Ponders Ducks Walk On Offer

To be extended a Preferred Walk On offer is a little talked about but really good option for the right recruit.  Jesuit High School’s Jarred Daul is one of the best rising linemen in the State without a major D-1 offer.  As the playoffs have moved on we have seen more and more colleges starting to zero in on talent in this class of 2017.

Jarred Daul 550

One big problem for many of them is that they do not have many offers left to give.   A guy like Daul has played better and better and now that a school like the Oregon Ducks are super interested they have no spots left.  There is one lesser known option that they can offer and that is to give him the offer to join the team as a preferred walk on.

We all get the concept of a “walk-on”.  Grab some gear and grab a helmet and go to practice.   Anyone can do it.

The “preferred-Walk-On” means that the coaches value you as a recruit and want to ask for your signature on National Letter of Intent (Signing Day) but will not give you a scholarship in year 1.  The flip side is that a preferred walk-on is guaranteed a spot on the 105 man roster day one of camp.  The other walk-ons will have to go through tryouts to see if they can earn a spot on the roster.

This is what the Oregon Ducks have extended to Jarred.  This is something we have spoken about before.  The Ducks will not offer one of these coveted 105 man spots if they do not believe Daul can compete and earn a scholarship.  Once at Oregon he will have to battle it out and beat out other PWO athletes and scholarship players and we think he can.

Division 1 schools can offer scholarships to 85 student athletes so his odds are pretty good.  That coupled with the fact he is angular, wide, fast, and very gifted bode well.  There are no guarantees and a full scholarship is still a better option We caught up to Jarred to discuss how this offer was being received.

“I’m super hyped about it! I have the grades academically to give me a solid scholarship there and I feel like I have the motivation to hang in there and earn a role on the team! But it’s awesome…,” he said adding that the Oregon offer adds credibility to his work on the field.

If Jarred goes to Oregon and gives it a year or two and things do not work out he is allowed to drop down to a D1 AA level or lower and not lose any eligibility.  This is a great option for him.

We think this Crusader and his brother Joel are going to have Big Sky level full ride options and are capable of being Pac 12 guys.  This story is far from over but it is a timely one as many of you Seniors struggle to figure out where you fit in.

Congrats to Jarred Daul on the nice option!

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