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John Lesser of Liberty Christian Breaks Records – 10 Play Super Highlight-

John Lesser of Liberty Christian Breaks Records – 10 Play Super Highlight-

Playing small school ball, especially 8 man football, puts a recruit out of the recruiting spotlight.  What a guy has to do at that level to get noticed seems to be monumental.  Yet there are phenomenal athletes that play ball there.  One of them that did that is John Lesser out of Richland, Washington.  This two way phenom broke records year after year and in the end even set National marks for rushing and Touchdowns.

JOhn Lesser 550

The 5’11”- 185 lb burner may have the nastiest moves you will ever see.  Now it is 8 man ball but consider that in open space with 2 or 3 defenders pursuing him he is facing the same obstacles as the big boys do. No difference- and when he makes these moves it is poetry. Wouldn’t I love to see this in slow motion!

Take a look at John’s Records-

National records:

Career rushing yards 9,019

Season rushing yards 3,710

Career points 1,066

State records:

Career all purpose TDs 147

Single season total points 422

Single season all purpose TDs 53

Now Coaches all over we encourage you to wet your whistle on John Lesser by having a look at his 10 Play Super Highlight – what a fun look at a memorable athlete for all time!

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  1. Don Bensen

    December 29, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Thank you for your kind words in your analysis of John. He truely is an amazing athlete and deserves every word of it. His grandmother and I watched 10 of his games this year and we were never less than amazed with the awesome ability he possesses and his incredible accomplishments. I am Privileged to be his grandfather, and being able to live vicariously through your grandson….it simply doesn\’t get any better!

    Don Bensen
    Littleton, CO.

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