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Jovan McConico 550

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Jovan McConico Puts Out Best Film Of 2017

Jovan McConico Puts Out Best Film Of 2017

As coaches search the Twitter-Sphere for new talent and mentions and look through thousands of HUDL Highlights they are in the hunt for the next great talent.  After all the known or rated guys are in the recruiting stream and swept up in the process.  To be a truly great College Coach one needs to have “the eye”.  I have it and use it daily to expose talent.  I care little who is rated or ranked or won the FBU 7 on 7 or was a Camp MVP over the Summer.  It helps but it can never ever replace 1 on 1 interactions with coaches nor can it replace film.

Jovan McConico 550

All the Hype and Media coverage won’t help much either.  When a Coach clicks play on that HUDL link (we hope they wait through the damn ads) they are looking for action.  Some guys pace their film and sprinkle it with goodness.  But to really grab them you have to hit them in the face with non-stop action.   We have covered this many times and created the 10 Play super Highlight so many Coaches are now asking for. READ UP RECRUITS AND PARENTS.

Now on with the story at hand.  Jovan McConico is a 6’0″- 185 lb. Junior at Kent-Meridian High School in Kent, Washington.  We have heard of him and some have been singing his accolades.  Back to the point- we wanted film.  Let’s just say that this world class speed burner posted the best film of the year so far and we believe this film is about to break this young man and his recruiting wide open..

In 5 Plays your going to see two of the best long TD runs of he year, two terrific pick 6’s,  and a 90 yard to “the House” kick return.  Then comes a nifty stop and go pass reception off the right side for a TD, and a run off the left side for another.   7 Plays- 7 Td’s all from this season.  All “Highlight Of The Night” caliber plays.

The next 4 plays feature brutal tackling skills and a strip and take away followed by 2 more catch and score TD’s.  In 2 minutes I am seeing 9 TD’s from 3 different positions and frankly all I need to know.  If Jovan McConico has the grades for the Pac 12 he is going.  Period.  And I don’t make that statement lightly.

We are excited to add a kid like this to the All NW 300 Prospect List which is growing by 2 or 3 players a day.  If you have film anywhere near the caliber of this guy you need to send it to me- you will be likely added to the list.  If you have offers and do not see yourself on this list you will be an automatic add so please email me at right away.

Now for that film – it is at 279 views now- lets Retweet this kid and help him hit 1000 this week!  This film is worth of that.

Jovan McConico Puts Out Best Film Of 2017

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  1. Sherman mcconico

    September 28, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    Keep up the good work daddy love u

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