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Kayode Rufai Covers Boise State Decision

Kayode Rufai Covers Boise State Decision

Kayode Rufai had offers from several Division 1 schools.  Going into last weekend many thought he was destined to be a Pac 12 guy.  But the 6’4″- 240 lb speed rush Defensive End from Oregon’s Lincoln High School had other ideas.  He went out to Boise and checked out the facilities, the Blue Turf, and met all the coaches.  His trip was complete and he was ready to decide and clear in his mind.

Kayode Rufai

#45 for Lincoln is the explosive 6’4″- 250 lb speed rush Defensive End Kayode Rufai. He is the hottest recruit in Oregon this late in the game and that is because he dominated sideline to sideline. He has a near 7 foot wingspan and can run!! 10 Offers including Pac 12 and more are coming! WOW – Watch Film

Boise State was it- he declared his verbal commit and plans to sign this week to play there.  Many that are not in tune with the Boise State football program do not seem to understand why athletes lean into the place and decide to play there.  It has almost become “Cool” to be that guy and why not?  Who has won more bowl games or more big games then the Broncos out West here in recent years?  You would have to go a long way to find a program to lay claim to that.  They also have a lot of NFL players coming from the BSU program and it is frankly an awesome place to live.

We caught up to Kayode to ask him why.  This is what he had to say!

“The main factor was the defense they run and seeing it in their game film. When they drew up plays and I followed the basics and saw in their game film that’s what really was the deciding factor. Both OSU and BSU have great programs with amazing facilities and staff. As a defensive end I thought I would be more successful at Boise!”

Simple enough. It was about the scheme for him and the fit.

Guys if your trying to decide tonight what to do go with your heart and the best fit.  Forget all the bling and boosters and all the rest of that Crap!

Congrats to Kayode Rufai!

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