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Keeghan Freeborn Takes Camp Opportunity To Land Boise State

Keeghan Freeborn Takes Camp Opportunity To Land Boise State

Keeghan Freeborn of Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian, Idaho may have the most punishing Offensive Line film out for a 2017 recruit.  He is quick, incredibly strong, and plays the offensive line like a defensive lineman- violently.   The 6’1.5″ 305 lb monster is a legit prospect and had offers from University of Idaho, Weber State, Montana State, and Air Force going into the University of Washingon Dirt Dawgs Camp last weekend.

In that Camp Keeghan did his thing on both sides of the ball.  He had a little film shot with a cell phone of his work at the defensive line and decided to send that off to Boise State.  It paid off with an offer by phone shortly thereafter.

Go figure that an offensive lineman, who has played almost no defense and has no film at that side of the ball, would use a short cell phone film to get offered.

This kid on film is a beast.  He is so strong that even his biggest high school opponents can not stop him.  As a Guard of Center on offense he has a future and his college will be paid for.  But his height is a limiting factor for most bigger programs as Colleges now look for these interior linemen to be 6’3″-6’7″.

But – a perfect D1 Tackle – Nose guard should be about 6’2″, thick as a wall, and powerful.  All of those fit Freeborn to a tee.

We had to ask him how strong he was.

“Well I benched 365, squatted and deadlifted 545 and the most I can clean is 275; but I haven’t maxed in a long time on that because our school works on reps more,” said the wrestler and 3.5 GPA student.

Boise State is known for excellent recruiting, going after the best in the NW, and for winning.  They also develop talent like few other schools do.  This local boy might be the next recruit to pull the trigger and commit.  The offer was something that wowed him and at this point, he is speaking to his High School Coach about his next move.  Clearly BSU has a potential commit here.

Idaho is behind Oregon and Washington in terms of the percentage of top recruits who get offers and get out to college.  With NWPR stepping up every year to recognize these guys we are doing our part.  That will change if we have anything to say about it and it starts with guys like Keeghan Freeborn who took his show on the road to UW and landed an offer from BSU with a cell phone clip!

Way to go kid- more to follow on this guy!


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