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Keenan Williams Makes History At EWU Before First Down Is Played

Keenan Williams of Cheney High School will make History At EWU Before his first First collegiate Down Is Played!

Keenan Williams Makes History At EWU Before First Down Is Played

Williams-with-dadHigh hopes abound for Cheney High School stud Defensive End Keenan Williams.  The highly recruited Senior (2015) grad is already done with High School and on the campus at Eastern Washington University according to his folks.  Williams worked on a plan to graduate early and enroll in time to be with the Eagles for Spring Ball and he is still 17 we understand.

Keenan Williams EWU!

Keenan Williams is a Cheney , Washington native and will continue playing football in Cheney moving from the Blackhawks in HS to the Eagles in College.

To do this sounds hard enough – to make it happen even harder.  The concentration, effort, and just pure desire that drove Williams to do this is hard to imagine until you realize one thing.  He might actually play in the season opener and if he does that will be huge.  Because this season the Eagles are rolling over the Mountains and down South along I-5 to play the Oregon Ducks.

A local kid Williams will be playing college blocks just a few miles from his home.  He had offers to leave Cheney and play for a number of other schools.  His talent is legit and we had him as one of the best recruits in the Northwest for the 2015 Class.  But he decided to stay home and play at EWU.  Then it occurred to him he could enroll early and be an integral part of the team by Fall.  He of course has a battle on his hands to earn playing time but this guy has the force and raw tenacity of the last big recruit to come out of Cheney HS; a #1 NFL Draft pick named Steve Emtman.

According to his Mother Lynell Williams her son, now 6’3″- 265 lbs, will become the first Freshmen to ever participate in Spring Football practice at EWU!  So he has already made the History books before his first official game.

We caught up to Keenan to ask about this early enrollment and his road ahead as an Eagle-

NWPR:  Keenan why did you choose to graduate early?
Keenan:  The biggest reason was the opportunity to get to know my teammates and coaches. To get a head start on learning our defense and start working out with the team, I felt that this would help me be prepared to play, if the team needed me.
NWPR:  What does it mean to be out there for Spring ball with the Eagles even as all your friends are in High School still?
Keenan:  It’s important to me. To get a feel for the speed and the intensity of the (college) game, and just have the opportunity to suit up and play.
NWPR:  What does it mean to be staying home and playing for the Eagles?
Keenan:I would like to make my hometown proud and help bring home another National Championship!
Williams is soft spoken which is just fine.  His explosiveness on the field is so apparent on film and he has a hunger to go in and sideline QB’s for a while- maybe he thinks they are tried and need a rest so he just sort of helps them decide to head to the bench.  We already know he is studying film and getting a laser beam on the QB’s that EWU will play this year and while it is presumptuous he will play and not be Red Shirted it would sure be cool if he did play-  after all a local boy who is a High School legend now of sorts is certainly wanting to and dreaming of making that happen at the next level too.
His Mother talked about his recruiting and the way the town is perceiving things.
“First of all Thank you Dirk, for all you have done for our family, all the advice and help in the recruiting process,” said Lynell.  ” We are all looking forward to watching him play, we had no idea how much this meant to our community to have Keenan sign with Eastern. He really wants to play against Oregon, he turns 18 April 8th and we had to co-sign all the paperwork because he still a minor,” said Lynell chuckling.
Williams and his Mom and Dad called me last off season and needed help mapping out the best moves to make.  Like many of you and other top recruits who made it I am oft to spend time sharing what I know form inside the trenches.  They executed a plan we discussed and he did the rest.  The result was offers, interest, and lots of options for Keenan.  Nothing will make us all happier then seeing him graduate and play for the EWU Eagles.
This is really all very cool.  Way to go Keenan!  Enjoy your first day of practice Freshmen and 17 year old!  Stay healthy and hungry for those QB’s!

Keenan Williams officially graduated from Cheney High School and is now registered for Eastern Washington University and will be starting spring football on the first of April. So, very proud of you son for the hard work and dedication it took to achieve your goal.

Posted by Lynell Williams on Sunday, March 22, 2015



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