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KINGCO As Expected The Deep End Of The Talent Pool

KINGCO As Expected The Deep End Of The Talent Pool

Let there be no doubt.  Football all over the Pac NW is about as good as it gets across the Nation.  No longer do outsiders think of the NW as some far away land of Mountains, Rivers, Hot Springs, and Hippies where football is played at a nominal level.  Too many guys have moved out the past 50 years to allow that.  The waves of talent just keep rolling out and each year the frequency and height of those waves increases.

“Boy Y’all have some terrific players up there,” said one SEC Coach I spoke to recently after he had a chance to compete against Jacob Eason who has made National waves at Georgia ever since he arrived two years ago.

Is it just offense where we shine?  NOPE!

The Coach went on, “In fact, Marcell Frazier is at MISSOU and we had a hard time handling that kid too.  So our team is interested in those sort of talented kids.  Send ’em my way!”

I will.  Coach is referring to Eason from Lake Stevens (WA) who was the Nation’s #1 QB out of HS and has helped Georgia get to #1 as I write this.  Frazier is a D-Line starter at Missouri and hails from David Douglas in Portland.  He was Defensive Player of the Week in the SEC last week.

The reason I bring this up is to convince you players, and point out to you many Coaches across America, that our boys take second place to no one!  Nowhere!  Ok with that out of the way let’s move the NWPR Radar over Seattle to a League tested by time as home to some of the best talent that comes out of our collective pool every year.  If we are among the best talent pools in the country, so too are these athletes out of the KINGCO League.

As the regular season comes to a close I want to shine our NWPR spotlight (Blowtorch) on this league and some of their All-League Players:

Kingco 4 A All League Defense Football 2017

KingCo All-League Honors – 2017

Position Team Player Jersey # Class School

Defensive Line

1 Jake Ballie 16 12 Woodinville
1 Matthew Cindric 79 12 Skyline
1 Spencer Thompson 65 12 Eastlake
1 Charlie Baumann 75 12 Newport
2 Tank Brewster 54 12 Mount Si
2 Quinn Shryer 35 12 Woodinville
2 Max Dahlquist 84 12 Issaquah
2 Gage Potter 55 11 Bothell

Matt Condric from Skyline is a 4 Star Linemen headed to Cal for his College career.


Inside Linebacker

1 Miles Mustarde 34 11 Woodinville
1 Shea Hoogerwerf 32 11 Bothell
2 Sam Milton 56 12 Eastlake
2 Drew Nicholson 8 12 Bothell
2 Ryan Anderson 31 12 Skyline
2 Trevor Thurman 2 10 Inglemoor

Outside Linebacker

1 Noah Tapplett 22 12 Woodinville
1 Dane Siegalman 42 12 Bothell
2 Jalen Percival 1 12 Bothell
2 Zack Kennedy 54 11 Eastlake

Woodinville’s Noah Tapplette has wowed coaches and fans as he has helped lead his team deep into the playoffs!


1 Seth Pregler 2 12 Woodinville
1 Luke Stiles 3 12 Skyline
2 Darius Kubalanza 2 11 Bothell
2 Da’Vicious Wilson 13 12 Bothell


1 Nash Fouch 4 12 Woodinville
1 Hank Pladson 4 12 Eastlake
2 Jesiah Irish 2 12 Mount Si
2 Evan Alexander 9 12 Skyline


4A Offense – KingCo All-League Honors – 2017

Position Team Player Jersey  # Class  School

Jacob Sirmon  3 12 Bothell

Cale Millen 10 11 Mount Si

Jaden Sheffey  3 12 Woodinville

Jacob Sirmon of Bothell is an All American 4 Star QB and he will head to the UW Huskies


1  Collin Fleisch 66 12 Mount Si

2  Spencer Thompson 65 12 Eastlake



Nick Hastings  79 12 Woodinville

Eric Evans 71 12 Skyline

Montana Euscher  62 11 Mount Si

Alex Ballard  62 12 Bothell



Matthew Cindric  79 12 Skyline

Cade Beresford  57 12 Woodinville

Michael Collins 77 12 Mount Si

Charlie Baumann  75 12 Newport

Hunter Smith  61 12 Bothell



Cade Beresford was one of the best and hottest linemen in the Class of 2018 – He has really helped lead Woodinville to a 10-0 record and he is going to be a WSU Cougar next year!



Running Back

Prescott Wong  34 12 Skyline

Brett Accimus  21 12 Woodinville

Christian Galvan  22 10 Bothell

Matt Jones 20 12 Woodinville

Cole Kindschi  5 12 Inglemoor


Tight End

Max Dahlquist  84 12 Issaquah

Jared Eisenbarth  8 12 Woodinville

Quentin Moore  88 11 Inglemoor


Wide Receiver

1  Johnny Barrett  88 11 Mount Si

1  Hank Pladson 4 12 Eastlake

Da’Vicious Wilson 13 12 Bothell

2 Nash Fouch 4 12 Woodinville


Jesiah Irish 2 12 Mount Si
2Cole Kindschi 5 12 Inglemoor 
 1 Jack Matheson 17 12 Eastlake
2 Blake Glessner 12 10 Woodinville
 1 Kaleb Solusod 23 12 Issaquah
2 Connor Brown 18 12 Eastlake


 1 Jesiah Irish 2 12 Mount Si
1 Devin Piquet-Charles 7 12 Issaquah
2 Nash Fouch 4 12 Woodinville

Nash Fouch was perhaps the biggest Impact player of the year on both sides of the Ball and special teams!


3A KingCo 3All-League Honors- OFFENSE – 2017

MVP Offense  Isaiah Infanse –  Bellevue –  #22 Senior

Position Team  Player  Jersey #  Class  School
2 Nikhil Nayar 6 SMercer Island

Teryn Berry is one of the most complete QB’s in the NW and had an amazing 2017! Any school would be lucky to recruit a Star player and kid of this caliber!

 1 Carson Small  50 SR Bellevue 
Kevin Yasseri 73 JR Redmond
 1 Sebastian Garcia-Lutz  77 JR Juanita
Taylor Goins  52 JR Bellevue
Lucas Varela 52 SR Interlake
Ben Keeter  74 SR Bellevue
Sunny Sarkar  54 SR Redmond
Raegan Stubb 66 SR Juanita

Here is Will Pliska who has 10 offers from Academics to Big Sky schools and at 6’5″ 295 lbs and athletic he could easily go all the way! Watch this!

Running Back
Ryan Clifford  32 SR Lake Washington
Andrez Trahan  32 SR Juanita
Jeremey Hernandez 7 SR Redmond
Tight End
 1 Myles Chandler  18 JR Interlake
 Wide Receiver
 1 Bradley Cagle 2 SR Redmond
Cole Miller  7 JR Mercer Island
Domonic Roussell  85 SR Lake Washington
Jeff Young 2 SLake Washington
Gio Cervantes-Rocha 2 SR Mercer Island



KingCo 3All-League Honors – Defense- 2017
Position Team Player Jersey # Class  School
Defensive End
 1 Ben Keeter 74 SBellevue
Sunny Sarkar 54 SRedmond
Corban Lawlor 54 SInterlake
Jacob Smith  55 SLake Washington
 1 Levani Eneliko  49 JLake Washington
Jaedan Pritchard 55 SMercer Island
Walterius Jones 76 SLake Washington
Taylor Goins  52 SBellevue
John Nascimento  78 SJuanita
Quinn Sullivan  44 JBellevue
Tyr Andrews  50 SJuanita
Carson Bruener  30 SOPRedmond
Isaiah Eubanks 2 JR Juanita
Stiles Saterlee 5 SR Bellevue
Lucas Varela  52 SInterlake
Conor Quigley 47 SLake Washington
Myles Chandler 18 JInterlake
Joey Echigoshima  4 JR Bellevue
Cody Wilson  17 SLake Washington
JD Worcester  11 SJuanita
Bradley Cagle 2 SR Redmond
Isaiah Ifanse  22 SBellevue
Sam Showalter 86 SLake Washington
Franco Oliveri  21 SLake Washington
Gio Caggiano-Wilmot 6 SR Juanita

Isaiah Ifanse was 3A MVP and for good reason- with several academic and D1 offers he is still capable of going BIG! This kid is really deep in the talent pool! Photo courtesy of Twitter



KingCo 3A All-League Honors Special Team – 2017
Position Team Player Jersey # Class School



1 Jed Michaels 16 SOPH Bellevue
2 Jack Clayville 16 JR Mercer Island



1 Lance D’Alessio 9 SR Lake Washington
2 Alex Carlisle 88 SR Bellevue



1 Cole Miller 7 JR Mercer Island
2 Isaiah Ifanse 22 SR Bellevue



1 Spencer Luce 54 SR Mercer Island
2 Cameron Landes 11 SOPH Bellevue

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  1. Harry Beresford

    November 15, 2017 at 8:14 am

    Great write up Dirk! I feel like you are standing up and shouting the whole thing, gets me fired up! Cheers and Go Cougs!

    • Dirk Knudsen

      November 15, 2017 at 8:39 am

      I don’t have enough time nor $$ to cover the KINGCO the way it should be- Maybe I will change the way I do that. I know a couple of Dad/Coaches that I hope will be taking a leading roll in covering the League and its incredible athletes!

      • Erik Hoogerwerf

        November 28, 2017 at 11:17 am

        Shea Hoogerwerf plays for North Creek High School not Bothell

        • Dirk Knudsen

          December 4, 2017 at 8:16 pm

          Thanks Erik – My bad- will note that

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