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Kyle Mozzone Of Fife Making Noise

Kyle Mozzone Of Fife Making Noise

Building a reputation and a recruting story  for a Quarterback is not easy; especially in the NW where the ranks are deep with guys who have put up Play Station like numbers.  It is a real task for an athlete coming from a lesser known school or smaller town to compete with the gunslingers at the bigger schools.

Fife High Football Kyle Mozzone

Kyle Mozzone is 6’4″- 215 lbs- and has a complete skill set developing as he looks ahead to the 2015 season at FIFE.

Think about what it takes to be a great QB.  You have to have all the skills and football IQ to showcase your arm and legs.  On top of that you have to rely on 10 other guys to execute their blocks and get to the place on the field they need to be in order for the team to succeed.  For a lot of QB’s they are blessed with a full compliment of athletes every night.  Many look good or great as a result.


Posted by Northwest Prep Report on Sunday, June 28, 2015

But what are we to make of kids who are not as blessed but who still succeed.  Show us a guy at the QB spot succeeding who is not surrounded by stars and we are interested.  Kyle Mozzone is one of those guys.

Fife High is by no means a slouch football program.  Just in the last few years they have put out Kaleb McGary (UW) and Monike Sarte (EWU) to the college ranks.  But this is not a program blessed with depth like a Skyline or Eastside Catholic.  Mozzone led his team to a decent year last season and at 6’4″ the Senior to be showed great poise and ability.

After seeing him live and analyzing his film we LOVE the kid.  It is so refreshing to see a big QB like this taking snaps under center in a pro style offense and rolling out and dropping back.  Kyle shows a nice touch and places the ball where it need to be.  He has a strong arm and his muscular and long frame will allow him to throw the ball as hard as he wants.  Overall his ability is very good.

This offseason we have seen him getting out to the showcase camps where he has stood out as the biggest body and as a fairly complete passer.  Below you will find his HUDL Footage- Kyle is a 206 QB Prospect we will have on our Watch List we are sending out to colleges.  Best wishes to he and Fife Football this year.




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