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Levi Long Of Sprague Realizes Dream As Montana State Moves In – NWEFC Player Watch

Levi Long Of Sprague Realizes Dream As Montana State Moves In – NWEFC Player Watch

Down in Salem, Oregon the coaches and players all know about the big man at Sprague High School who has been grinding it out in the trenches the last few years.  AT 6’7″ and 275 lbs Junior Levi Long is hard to miss.  If you do not see his size for what it is you might end up on the wrong end of one of his punishing blocks.  This is a big agile kid that can finish people off in the trenches.

Levi Long of Sprague High School is a rising star on the linemen list!

Levi Long of Sprague High School is a rising star on the linemen list!

Today his lifelong dream…a dream he was not sure could or would ever happened actually did happen!  He received an offer to play for Montana State on a full ride scholarship.

“This is a dream come true.  It really is,” said Long.  “I never really thought I was going to play big time or even go to college.”

Why would a kid this size and ability say that?

“I was told I was big and  tall and stupid a lot.    I was told I was not smart,” added the thoughtful Olympian.

We had to ask if football and Head Coach Jay Minyard had thrown him a lifeline of sorts?

WATCH LEVI’s Film Here!

“Yes.  Football has done a lot for people.  It helped me a lot,” said Long discussing how his time at Sprague and in the trenches has taught him to overcome the stereotypes and labels so many people seem set on putting on him.

As far as bullying how does he view all of that?

I become friends with the kids being bullied.  I had a teacher tell me that kids told her that they feel safe with me and I tell the bullies to leave.  I take the kid being bullied and hang out with him/her and try and help,” said Long thoughtfully.

This folks is a great kid and great story.  Levi Long is a big time talent and any school would be lucky to have him.  Montana State made a great move tonight!

The question is will Long gain more offers?  If he performs well at the Northwest Elite Camp next week the odds are very good.  Either way he is a D-1 guy tonight and on Cloud 9 celebrating his life long dream being fulfilled.

Editors Note:  The recruiter from Montana State is former QB Cody Kempt (Oregon, Montana State) who played at Oregon’s Westview High School.  He can surely remember Sprague beating his Wildcats in the playoffs behind the crushing blocks of a big line and a 265 lb running back – John Breza!  Nice to see Coach Kempt has let bygones be bygones!  Thanks Cody for coming for the boys of Oregon and Washington!

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