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Quazzel White 550 1

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Lincoln’s Linemen Quazzel White Ready For Bigtime

Lincoln’s Linemen Quazzel White Ready For Bigtime

We cover a lot of kids and top football prospects and we know when we are watching a good one.  Some of the best recruits land early offers and others it takes a while longer to get things cranked up.  One thing for sure over at Lincoln High in Tacoma is that Quazzel White is ready to take his game to the next level.  Seeing him in person in February and realizing how much he has changed in the last few months since we saw him play confirmed what we already knew.

Quazzel White 550 1

Quazzel White it a big time athlete.

At 6’4″ and 295 lbs he is a prototype as a D1 Offensive Guard or Center.  Not to say this behemoth could not be a Defensive Linemen…no he could for sure.  But a kid build like this with a massive lower body is born to anchor the Offensive Line.  And he is athletic.  White is not a “big heavy” as we hear many college coaches refer to over-sized High School linemen.  This is muscle and bone on a frame that can move opponents around like a D9 CAT.

Quazzel is likable and fun to be around and his smile can light up the room.  When the helmet goes on though their is a touch of nastiness and he gets things done.  #77 is one of the most punishing blockers in the Class of 2017 and it is our opinion that he has the makings and abilities of a Pac 12 linemen and is one of the best in his Class.  Coaches are starting to really lineup on him and we bring you his HUDL Film and an interview we shot with him at the recent NW Stars Camp!

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Pack 12 talent @theylovequazzy went 1 on 1 with @nwprepreport while @nwstarscamp and we nailed it

Posted by Northwest Prep Report on Monday, February 29, 2016


Watch Quazzel White of Lincoln High School in Tacoma Get It Done in 2015 on his HUDL Highlight

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