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Linemen Take Center Stage at PSU – Offers and Updates

Linemen Take Center Stage at PSU – Offers and Updates

Editors Note:  Being at PSU the last couple of days and seeing the boys work 1 on 1 with the Coaches just reinforced that camps where athletes can meet and be with College Coaches are a must attend. The athletes had PSU today.  This Thursday any kid wanting a shot will have the attention of 20 colleges.  PLEASE stress the importance of getting to the

It was a 2 hour in and out camp and some of the best linemen in the NW got their chance to go full pads and battle it out in front of the PSU Coaches.  #BarnyBall Day two once again produced offers and new faces for NWPR to bring you new of.  This was the first time we have posted anything using Facebook Live bit oh boy did we catch some great film.


The number one guy in the Region at defensive line without and offer was Zarykk Boogie Davis,  He showed up and showed out and while he is still raw he walked off the PSU Campus today with a full ride offer in hand.  At 6’4″ and 235 lbs his raw ability and size were just too convincing although he got handled more then once.  Here is our interview with the kid they call Boogie just before his big offer.

Meanwhile Jesuit High School’s Dahl brothers were on spot again ending an epic recruiting road trip with a stop at PSU.  While a little tired from the road the Dahls, Jarred and Joel, both 6’4″ and 235 lbs. looked great too.  They appear to be two that should be in hot contention for the next offers coming out.  They and Boogie will be in camp at the RDAFShowcase this week.  Here is out inside look at their road trip and recruiting as of today.

Linemen Take Center Stage at PSU – Offers and Updates

Then there was once again some Idaho boys in the house that wowed us.  Brandon Kipper has a PSU offer and he was unstoppable for the most part on the day at O-Line but he got beat like Boogie as well.  He is quite a story out if Nampa, Idaho and is a State wrestling Champ.  Watch his interview here- Coaches this guy is big time and another total unknown by us Media types- I would be serious buying stock in this guys future because at 6’6″ and 270 lbs he is special.

Now a little closer to home Battleground, Washington Big Man BRADY BRICK (Is this the best football name ever?) tore it up.  The 6’6″-280 pound Brick was the most consistent O-Linemen of the day.  He slid from tackle to guard and then center and did great with it all.  He blew us and the coaches away and earned an offer from the Vikings leaving no doubt that Battle Ground is turning out some of the best kids in the Region now.

Brady Brick

The highlight of the day for me was seeing that the Battleground Coaches were watching Brady live while I broadcast and the Tweet they sent up celebrating his efforts!

Battleground Football Coaches watch Brady Brick live

On the day there were some great kids we saw.  While we can not mention them all some of the guys we enjoyed and feel won the day included:

  • Zach Redd – Rocky Mountain High – best technique at camp!
  • Kolby Barker – he was unstoppable and came in with a PSU offer and 4 others – McNary HS, Oregon
  • James Dodd – Sultan High School – Close to an offer no doubt.
  • Chase Skuza – Sumner High School WA – he is big and nasty and ready to rise.
  • John Blasco Junior- Stadium HS, WA.  – a Physical beast – D1 body and rising skill yet.
  • Jake Porter – West Linn – he manned up and balled out – he plays big no doubt!

LASTLY – Enjoy 350 pictures guys and gals.  Take em Free and enjoy you all!

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