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Top NW High School Football Recruits 2018

Here is our list of our “Team” of 2018 Pacific Northwest Football Recruits.  We are adding players daily to our new site.  By the end of FALL every recruit we feel will be a college player at any level will be on it!

Our Ratings:   3-4 Stars = Athlete Has NAIA,D3, D2 Offers  /  4 – 4.9 Stars = Athlete has D1 AA offers / 5.0 – 5.1 Stars Athlete has D1 Major Offers / 5.2 Stars = Athlete has 5-10 plus Major D1 / 5.3 Stars = All American Confirmed or 20 Plus Majors

Our Rankings are not in any order nor are we obligated to chase you to get updates.  Those that update NWPR will be accurately maintained in our Lists which are sent Nationwide to over 1,000 College Coaches Free of Charge to them and the Athletes – 15 years a Free and Credible Service that Coaches rely on annually

Talanoa Hufanga Crescent Valley High School

Top NW High School Football Recruits 2018

PlayerPositionHigh SchoolGraduation YearStateOffers-CommitStars:HeightWeight
Talanoa Hufanga Crescent Valley High SchoolTalanoa HufangaATHCrescent Valley2018ORD1 MAJORS5.316'2"200
Chase CotaChase CotaWRSouth Medford2018ORD1 MAJORS5.36'4"195
Braden Lenzy TigardBraden LenzyATHTigard HS2018OROregon5.216'0"170
Mosiah Nasili-LiuDEEmerald Ridge2018WAUTAH5.216'3"275 lbs.
Devin CulpTEGonzaga Prep2018WAWashington5.216'5'"245 lbs.
MJ AleCenter, OG, OTFife HS2018WAWashington5.216'5"295 lbs
Jacob SirmonQBBothell2018WAWashington5.216'4"215 lbs
Kyler GordonCBArch Bshp. Murphy2018WAD1 Majors5.26'0"180 lbs.
Elijah WinstonOLBCentral Catholic2018OR D1 Majors5.26'3"230
Trey LoweATHJesuit2018WAWashington5.25'9"195 lbs
Matt CindricCenter, OGSkyline HS2018WACAL5.26'4"275
Draco BynumTE, DEWilsonville2018ORWashington5.26'5"260
Treshaun Harrison 550Treshaun HarrisonSafety, WR, ATHGarfield HS2018WA Oregon5.156'2"190
Teagan QuitorianoTE, DEWest Salem2018OROregon5.156'6"220
Cole TurnerWRClackamas HS2018ORNEVADA5.156'6"195 lbs
Marco BrewerOG, OTCorvallis2018ORUCLA5.16'5"305
Cade BeresfordOTWoodinville2018WAD1 Majors5.16'7"260
Myles Green RichardsCBChurchill2018ORWSU5.15'11"175 lbs
Dawson JaramilloOTLake Oswego2018OROregon5.16'5"295
Travis SpreenCenterJesuit2018ORD1 Offers5.16'3"285 lbs
Marcus CunninghamMarcus CunninghamOLBMadison Hs2018OROregon5.16'3"220
Mason StarlingWRRanier Beach2018WAD1 Offers5.16'2"195
Ben WilsonOLB, MLBSumner HS2018WATCU5.16'2"218 lbs.
Anthony StellWRRanier Beach2018WAD1 Offers5.15'10"175
Andrew PeasleyQBLaGrande2018ORUtah State5.16'3"185 lbs
Daniel AriasWRJackson HS2018WA Colorado5.16'4"200
Malik PutneySafetyEastside Catholic2018WAD1 Offers5.06'2"200
Michael NoilATHMadison2018ORIdaho5.05'9"165
Isaiah InfanseATHBellevue HS2018WAD1 Offers5.05'10"175
Nash FouchSafety, WRWoodinville2018WAMontana5.06'3"200
Qawi NtsasaCB, ATHWest Linn2018ORD1 5.05'10"175 lbs
Malakai SaluMLBCentral Catholic2018ORD1 5.06'2"230
Jarrell AndersonTERanier Beach2018WA Hawaii5.06'5"225
Jovan McConicoWRGarfield HS2018WAD1 Offers5.06'0"185 lbs.
Jake Dukart Lake OswegoJake DukartQBLake Oswego2018OROSU5.06'3"185
Reow JacksonATHMarist HS2018ORD1 5.06'3"195 lbs
Josh JeromeCenter, DTMonroe2018WAEWU4.96'2'285
Keishon Dawkins - West Linn FootballKeishon DawkinsTEWest Linn2018ORD1 Offers4.96'6"245
Micah SmithRBGraham-Kapowsin2018WAD1 Offers4.96'0"200 lbs.
Zack HuffstutterSafetyWest Linn2018ORD1 4.95'11"200
Ahmir McGee Franklin HighAhmir McGeeRBWest Linn2018ORD14.85'11"175 bs
Alex SanchezDTSouth Salem2018ORD1 4.86'2"280
Teron BradfordATHOregon City2018OR-4.76'0"178 Lbs
Dayshawn NealSafety, ATHHermiston2018OR-4.76'2"180 lbs
Jaylin ParnellRB, ATHSouth Medford2018ORNAIA4.66'0"200
Iosefa PolamaluMLBSandy HS2018OR-4.66'1"240
Spencer TatafuDE, MLBParkrose2018OR -4.56'1"240