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Mason Bradley Lands Late Fresno State Offer & Commits

Mason Bradley is a powerhouse kid and we all believed he was a D1 talent. Even this late in the game he has never stopped pushing to make it and tonight he did!

Mason Bradley Lands Late Fresno State Offer & Commits

The Archbishop Murphy Wildcats are home to some serious football talent every year.  This past couple of years we have been monitoring and covering big man Mason Bradley.  The 6’4″- 245 lb Senior played all over the field and was a force where ever he was.  About 90 days ago he was just starting to gain some interest but like most top Seniors the offers just were not coming in.  He joined our group at Premier Prospects and we featured him late in the season sending out his film to hundreds of coaches.

Mason Bradley at 6'4"- and 240 lbs is an exciting prospect to watch.  Fresno State is getting a great recruit here!

Mason Bradley at 6’4″- and 240 lbs is an exciting prospect to watch. Fresno State is getting a great recruit here!

He dug in and played his heart out and leaned on his parents and coaches and God himself for guidance and support never loosing the dream of moving on to college and using Football as a way to pay for it.  Still not much happened.

But every prayer they say is heard and Bradley had his shot today and landed and offer from the Fresno State Bulldogs and was fast to commit.

How did this offer develop?

“Me and Coach Germano had been in contact for about two weeks just getting to know each other. He had scheduled to come see me for an in home visit and offered me on the spot,” said Mason.  “Me and my family had talk about what I would do if he offered me and I decided that I would commit as soon as they offered.  I actually grew up in the area so it made it even easier to make the choice of becoming a bulldog.”

How is he feeling about the program at Fresno State?

“The program has a lot going for them right now and that’s something I want to be apart of,” he answered with conviction.

For a kid this big and fast and good he had to be wondering what it was going to take.  We had his as a Top 10 Defensive Linemen in the Region and he seemed to generate less interest then he should have.  Not to worry as he had a plan all along. Unquestioned Faith in a Higher Power –

“Never once during this long recruiting process did I lose faith though. I kept sending tons of emails and I knew the school that I belong at will be the one that contacts me. It is definitely a blessing from above to have been given the opportunity to continue my football career and more importantly, continue my education. Throughout this whole process I’ve learned to never lose faith and never stop working towards my dream!”

Want to get listed?   You can find out more on that right here.

Want to get listed? You can find out more on that right here.

Bradley wanted to thank a few people for being instrumental in the process as we spoke.  We asked him who it was and what made the difference for him so close to signing day.

“The number one person that helped me through this was God, he had answered my prayers by not letting me lose faith. My Mom and Dad have been there the whole time as well. I know that this whole time the stress has been getting to them too, but again, they didn’t lose faith either. My coaches have definitely been a huge help with this process too by getting my name out there and contacting schools. I had sent tons of emails out just hoping that some school would take the time to watch my film and Fresno was the team that took the time and I am beyond happy that it was them, they are a great program,” he added pausing, “and you and your team have also been a huge help with this as well by getting my profile out there and helping with exposure.  Thank you for that!”

Mason Bradley is a stud and is a top prospect.  Why the other NW schools sat this one out we will never know but when a school like Fresno moves on a kid they seem to have a way of getting great production out of him.  This case will be no different.  Way to go MASON!  You all can see his profile here and his film is listed below.

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