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Idaho Prep Linemen Matt James At The Top

Matt James is a very gifted linemen. So gifted that he might be the most ready to play early at the next level out of the 2014 Pacific NW Line Class.

Idaho Prep Linemen Matt James At The Top

When we look at established linemen in Oregon and Washington this year for the 2014 graduating class there is a long list of top talent.   And every year the NW cranks out some of the very best prospects in the entire US at the Offensive and Defensive Line spots.   In most years Oregon and Washington seem to have the top few guys.   Idaho puts out some tremendous players too but their big men have not taken those top spots as often.  Could that be changing?

Matt James is going to be a UW Husky and he is going to be a very good one by the looks of it!

Matt James is going to be a UW Husky and he is going to be a very good one by the looks of it!

This year there is no doubt that 6’5″- 280 lb two way linemen Matt James from Cour d’Alene might be the guy.  The kid is massive and according to his Head Coach Shawn Amos the Coeur d’Alene Viking is a little on the mean side on the field;  a trait that big time college programs love.  Being inland off the the I-5 Football grid makes it harder to garner big time National Attention but James did it.  He helped led the team to the State Title coming up 7 points shy and really proving his skill set.

Watch his film here.

What you will see is kid who has great feet, a superb base, and who can use his hands.   You up and coming linemen watch his film.  Once he lands those mits on an opposing linemens chest he does not remove them but rather locks on, runs his feet, and finishes the block with a pancake.  This superior technique is no doubt a direct product of his coaching and his wrestling.  The great ones all have this.


He had offers from Boise State, Arizona State, and the University of Washington.  He chose the Dawgs and we think that before he is done this big tall timber from the Idaho Pan handle is going to leave his mark.

He joins Kaleb McGary from Fife, Washington and Cole McGinnis from Gooding, Idaho as perhaps 3 of the Top linemen in the Region.  And that is not all.   The Consensus #1 line pick for next year is Tristen Hoge of Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho.   The massive Center (6’5″- 290 lbs) is sitting on up to 10 offers and has Stanford, Notre Dame,  LSU, BYU, BSU, Utah, WSU and others on his list of offers already.  So we are so happy to see our NW boys form Idaho grabbing some of this spotlight for College Recruiting!  It’s all really good stuff.

Here is a short interview with Matt James which was cut off by the sprinklers!  Not to worry we will have film early in the 2013 season of this guy!

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