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Josh Johnston 550


Meet Josh Johnston AKA Mr Sticky Hands

Meet Josh Johnston AKA Mr Sticky Hands

When I saw wide receiver Josh Johnston at a recent caamp make a one handed back shoulder grab I perked up.  The old NWPR recruiting radar went up.  By camps end the blip Johnston had left on our radar was the size of the Space Needle.  This 6’2″ – 185 lb. athlete from Snohomish High School had the entire package of skills.

Josh Johnston 550

Johnson is lanky, has long arms, a tremendous skill set, and is deceptively fast with a quick change of direction.  But his hands… my god this kid has a gorilla glue coating on his hands I think.

He caught low passes, high passes, deep corner balls, and every thing in between.  Many times during the 1 on 1 battles at the RDAF #AVERYSTRONG showcase Josh wrestled the ball away from the best of the NW when it looked impossible.  Almost as if his hands were  a black-hole from which the football can not escape.  That is high praise from me because the NW has not produced that many top tier wide receivers over these past few years.  This guy has the frame and many of the skill sets of EWU All American Cooper Kupp who I regularly bring up because he was way under-recruited and may be the best wide receiver in the Nation right now.

Catch Josh Johnston’s Highlight Film Right Here- Watch him this year – He is one of the best in the NW

Best of Luck to Josh This year-

Meet Josh Johnston AKA Mr Sticky Hands



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  1. Steve Faber

    August 1, 2016 at 1:38 am


    He\’s a good route runner too. Judging by the crop of kids playing 7v7 in the 2018-2020 classes, there\’ll be no dearth of excellent wide receivers coming out of this area in the next few years. With the nation\’s number one recruit coming from the Puget Sound area 2 years running (albeit not receivers), national eyes may soon start turning this way, and they may see some excellent receivers too.

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