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Alex Gillies

  • Keeghan Freeborn of Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian, Idaho may have the most punishing Offensive Line film out for a 2017 recruit.  He is quick, incredibly strong, and plays the offensive line like a […]

  • When former NFL QB and Championship Head Football Coach Chris Miller called me 2 years ago to discuss a young QB he had just trained I listened because Chris never does that.  Coach Miller put up 20,000 yards in […]

  • By Coach Demian Walter; NWPR Eastside Analyst-


    With the 2017 football offseason winding down and the regular season about a month away, I met with one of the best wide receivers in the Eastern side of the […]

  • It was only a matter of time before Kimani Quade landed his first offer.  Last season as a Sophomore he was the #1 defensive back in the West with 13 Interceptions. Not bad for a 10th grader playing on one of […]

  • Editors Note:  This is the first of many articles to come from Coach Demian Walter who has joined NWPR as our man on the recruiting trail in Eastern Washington, he will find new powerhouse recruits for you […]

  • If you have not heard about Cade Beresford yet you will.  This 6’7″- 260 lb. Tackle is a bad dude on the field and his highlight film below shows him just burying opposing linemen.  Every team in the country n […]

    • I will tell all you D1 Coaches right now – that big time Tackle you have been looking for – this is the guy and I do not care where you are from!

    • Thanks Harry! I saw him at May Madness and I liked him a lot. But…. this is where coaches and athletes can make a huge mistake. Those camps are not football. They are a full contact / Non Contact environment where a bully can stand out. Those same kids with pads on disappear. Take a kid like Cade who looked big, technically sound, and good but he was not planting guys – as he shouldn’t without pads. God knows we have enough problems with the game messing people up. My point here is he is not a “Camp Guy” but he is better in pads than most all I have seen the past couple years. To me this adds to his allure and is precisely why all 4 schools he visited offered him. They saw what I did- that is a really good sign and I hope Coach Pete and crew do not let him slide out of State. Having said that Mike Cavanaugh at Nebraska, would take him and craft him into a Nebraska product. As you said- here is to the future!

  • We covered Daniel Arias of Jackson HS (WA) as he made his rise in a couple of articles in 2016 and earlier this year.  The big target is now a leader in the 2018 receivers group and he just landed his 20th […]

  • Boy we love NW High School football and no one covers the range we do.  Each season our relationship with the teams and players from Idaho grows stronger.  The recruiting is picking up as a result although there i […]

  • Transfer Epidemic Divides High School Football   If there is one thing that seems to be on the minds and lips of everyone in High School football these days it is Transfers. Not too many years we would o […]

  • There was 1 QB from the State of Washington in the Class of 2018 going into last week.  Jacob Sirmon of Bothell HS is not only the top rated QB in the NW but he is one of the best in the US with 30 plus offers […]

  • Again this year comes the TRENCH CAMP and boys and girls let me tell you there is no better camp in the USA for the Offensive and Defensive Line.  You think you learned from a clinic or a 3 hour camp?  Well t […]

  • Yes sir that is awesome!  What an opener that is going to be in Seattle at the UW-  can you be our analyst in the Stands and give us the break downs?  Gonna be a great one!

  • I am looking for games but I sort of already know that I want to see Ranier Beach (Seattle) and Madison (Portland) get after it in what could be one of the great border wars in many years!  Two Inner-City Schools going at it with Loaded D1 deep rosters?  Oh yes it could be epic!

    Where Are You Going To Be?

  • Having covered every single top recruit out of the Pacific NW the past 15 years I feel well qualified to give an opinion of which athletes are the best in each recruiting class.  In many cases the guys we cover […]

  • As waves of hopefuls rise up from the fields and bays and valleys of the Pacific NW we scan the landscape finding the best of the best.  This 2018 recruiting class from the Pacific NW is a real dandy, deep and […]

    • The rules have all but been thrown out the Window anymore. Having said that Gio can initiate contact anytime he wants. It is up to the coaches to decide if it is ok to contact him. He was approached at camp and the coaches have their windows down. It is the case that recruits should proceed as they see fit! It is ALWAYS a good idea to be pro-active and go to them regardless of the level of talent the kid has.

      At the NW Best Showcase there were Coaches standing around everywhere and I told the guys around me to get busy “pressing the flesh”.

      The NCAA Periods for Quiet and Dead Periods are here.

      “One of the hardest parts of the recruiting process for families is truly understanding when coaches are actively recruiting your student-athlete. While some coaches have players on their radar as early as eighth grade, the recruiting process for Division I and Division II programs “officially” kicks off June 1 of your student-athlete’s junior year. From that moment, every move coaches make—from official visits to calling—is strictly regulated by the NCAA through recruiting calendars, which vary by sport.

      In fact, it’s a pretty tight schedule. The NCAA lays out four kinds of “recruiting periods” throughout the year that limits the type of interaction coaches can have with student-athletes: contact periods, evaluation periods, quiet periods and dead periods.”

      So I would expect Gio’s contact level to jump WAY up after September 1st this year.

      But let me say that Nathaniel Kalepo had 5 D1 offers at that Camp and he is a 10th grader. So if contact is not allowed how did those offers happen? It is a free for all right now.

      Many of the offers we hear of are now being rumored to be untrue. I don’t consider verbals too much of an offer. That is me –

      In the end the real talent plays – bigger factors like grades, health, off field issues, and more play bigger roles. Look at Jared Goldwire- he never had things work out in HS as he made some not so good moves but he has played through it and is now on a bright path for his future! Thanks for the question!

  • After a great showing at May Madness, South Salem High School (OR) 2018 recruit Alex Sanchez had nothing much to prove.  But he was waiting for an offer to drop and on Friday at the NW Best Showcase the 6’2″- 260 […]

  • Here is the completely unvarnished look at the #NWBESTSHOWCASE linemen section of the camp as we have just returned.  So many colleges were in the house- this camp was as advertised by the Lewis and Clark Staff t […]

  • We have enjoyed watching Bailey Elder develop he past two seasons over at Stadium HS in Tacoma, Wa.  This kid is coming into his 3rd year as a starting offensive lineman and his baby face is full of beard now, […]

  • Spencer Tatafu And Kaimana Wa’a Shine At Camp – Spencer Tatafu And Kaimana Wa’a Shine At CampMay Madness was a couple weeks back and we covered over 100 athletes at that camp.  Those kids and their stories will […]

  • A short post today to thank every single man and woman who has served our country in the armed services.  Imagine life without freedom.  Imagine how many would have died without these brave men and women.  No ma […]

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