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Alex Gillies

  • This weekend some of the best recruits in the State will play in their final games.  Most of our NW Football family has finished for the year.  Some are already in 7 on 7 and off-season workouts and a few are r […]

  • Let there be no doubt.  Football all over the Pac NW is about as good as it gets across the Nation.  No longer do outsiders think of the NW as some far away land of Mountains, Rivers, Hot Springs, and Hippies w […]

    • I don’t have enough time nor $$ to cover the KINGCO the way it should be- Maybe I will change the way I do that. I know a couple of Dad/Coaches that I hope will be taking a leading roll in covering the League and its incredible athletes!

  • Story by Coach Demian Walter- Eastside Analyst for NWPR

    I love seeing a starting quarterback who is also a starter on the defense as well. Those are the kind of tough football players I respect.  Zak Donato of […]

  • In this day and age of the Internet, HUDL, Scout, and Twitter it seems impossible that a future D1 caliber talent could be missed.  But what if coaches and analysts have become so reliant on technology that only […]

  • Every year at playoff time it is fun to see which teams and athletes will rise to lead their teams to Victory in the second season.  Nobody is going to move on without a total team effort and to win it all the […]

  • Maybe it’s because Vancouver, Washington and Clark County are seen as the little brother to Portland, Oregon.  Maybe it’s because being on the border the area gets no love from a State dominated by Seattle.  W […]

  • There is nothing in this world like watching someone develop over many years and become masters at something.  As a Coach and a writer/analyst in the Prep Football space, I have been fortunate to watch hundreds […]

  • Lot of news flying in from all over the NW as this Friday marks the beginning of the 2nd season across the Pacific NW.  NWPR has been monitoring the news from our field staff looking for top performers and other […]

  • I was a little over a year ago when Camas speedster Drake Owen came onto our radar as one of the top WR and pure athletes in the NW.  This season he has lived up to that billing.  Of the 5 games we have fo […]

  • Editors Note:  Richland High School has a rich football tradition and the last few years the team has been rolling.  If it were not for Camas the Bombers would have won it all last season.  The 24-14 loss in 20 […]

  • Well someone woke up finally.  And why the heck not?  Keishon Dawkins of West Linn is one of the most imposing physical athletes in the West and yet it took until the end of the regular high school season for a D […]

  • A post here tonight to help carry out the Mission that NWPR started 12 years ago!  We have always stressed being ONE FAMILY – One NW High School Football Family.  I have always worked to build our brand- to tell t […]

  • This has been the season of the transfer.  Transferpocalypse as we termed it has been the biggest storyline of the season.  Regardless of which side you are on one thing is clear; the teams loaded with transfers h […]

    • Thanks Charles – I look at Jacob and Cody Hollister- great kids from Bend- both went out of State – both are on the Patriots now. Pretty good example!

    • Thanks Joe –

    • Joe-

      It is far too late for him to get a Pac 12 offer. And truly he is not an unknown entity- people know about him. His speed is the issue. The Pac 12 DB’s and WR are going to be 4.4- 4.5 laser or below. He is not there. Having said that I would not want him to go to a Pac 12- he would red shirt, than sit a year or two and I am confident could start by his 3rd or 4th season. BUT- football is a dangerous and now very much of a deadly sport. If Jaydin can make it to a D1-AA he will start early, contribute, and could rise as he fills out to the position of greatness. This kid needs to play- not sit. The #1 school in the NW for players moving on to the NFL is not Oregon- not by a long shot. Not OSU. Not WSU. No- it is EWU. And that is where he should play in my humble opinion. Let’s be honest- Oregon State needs guys like Jaydin – I would reach out to them. But he needs to be patient and work on his other options. Not PAC 12-

    • Thanks Zach! Great to hear from another Metro League Old Timer- boy those were the days!

    • Ramon-

      Of course that is not what I meant. It is never too late. The point is that Pac 12 schools have the guys they want. They do add guys late but if you are not on their Board nor have an offer you are added as a late offer and as a practical matter many parents are still waiting for Oregon or WSU to offer their kid when the kid does not even have a PSU or EWU offer. Beyond that these schools are not better places to play for guys who are players- they are not better options for a football career. Time and time again guys make it to the league and to the Super bowl in great numbers from smaller schools. Anytime that Jaydin and his family have should be put int he pursuit of a D1AA offer- to not do so is a grave mistake!

  • Editors Note- Published in 2010 and revised: The questions come at me the same every year at this time.  Only a few games left in the High School season and many hopeful recruits find themselves without great o […]

  • Ok, I lied.  It was only 397 yards that Kahlil Lewis ran for in week 6 as the Lakes Lancers beat Spanaway Lake 47-28.  Perhaps it was just a night for the ages or he got lucky?  Well, the tape is in and this yo […]

  • Article by Coach Demian Walter- Eastside Analyst for NWPR

    If there is one thing you may have picked up from reading a few of my articles recently, is that one of the highest regards I give to a football […]

  • The Tigard Tigers are a perennial powerhouse.  Never flashy nor a team that steals headlines the boys who hail from one of Oregon’s best towns just do the work.  Head Coach Craig Ruecker is now one of a handful of […]

  • You know the name.  Polamalu – it rolls off the tongue and is football Royalty!  If you do not know the name you need to dig out from under that rock you have been living under the past 20 years.  Troy Polamalu pl […]

  • Story by Coach Demian Walter – Eastside Analyst for NWPR

    The game of football demands that you play in a physical manner. Often, I see some of the bigger sized football players who are not very physical or […]

  • There is not a better football team in the Pacific NW than the Camas Papermakers.  The Washington 2016 Champs are riding high again this season and the boys from Camas, Washington have handily beaten two of […]

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