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  • Steve Faber became a registered member 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    • Ok Steve as our First Registered Fan You are now Officially known as “#1 Fan”. So Come man- Out yourself. Where you from and whats your story?

      • Dirk,
        Well, at least I get to be “number 1” at something! I’m from Kent, My son Michael is a WR/DB from Kentridge HS, and starts at WR for the Rise Football freshman 7v7 team. He also plays BB for KRHS and is on the varsity track team. We’re all excited to see what happens with Coach Ogata, KRHS new HC. He seems to skew more toward the pass; a good thing for Michael. Spring ball just around the corner now.
        On occasion I write for USA Football.

        • Steve-Coach Ogata is an old friend. You parents and kids are in for a real treat~ Class act of a man and he wins- with a lesser talent he wins! At Kentridge where you have guys, he can be really good~ You guys can win! Consider yourselves lucky~

          • Dirk,
            That’s music to my ears, on all counts! We had to wait, but in this case it looks to be well worth it. My son’s been practicing with the QB during the off season and both are playing 7v7 too, although for different teams. Lots of quality reps vs quality opponents though. They’ve also been hitting the off-season weights hard. Could be a terrific season…..

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