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MIkey Minihan 550

8 From The 808

Michael Minihan Lands 5th Offer And Dominates At Camp- Catch Film Here

Michael Minihan Lands 5th Offer And Dominates At Camp- Catch Film Here

Here is another 8 from the 808 from IslandPreps.  The Opening is the biggest stage in the High School football world and getting to the Finals is next to impossible.  To go to a Regional and make the Final 5 means your among the best of the best.  In Seattle St Louis Offensive Linemen Michael Minihan showed up and conquered the best defensive linemen in the West.

The 6’3″- 285 lb. Offensive Linemen is one tough character and an athlete who has learned the finest points of the offensive line from great coaches like Brian Derby.  Not the biggest offensive linemen in the class Minehan uses a big serving of nastiness and a whole lot of technique to win.  It is what he is good at.

We take on Michael Minihan with 8 from the 808 to find out a little more about this Island Talent!

MIkey Minihan 550

Courtesy of – The Opening

1) What is your height and weight and what positions do you play for football?

I’m 6’3, 285 lbs. and I play tackle, guard and center.

2) Tell Us about yourself? What other sports are you doing? Are there other activities and groups you belong to or work with in school or the community?

I just love playing football. I played basketball last year, but I decided to stop because I wanted to dedicate more time to football.

3) Where are you from and do you have athletes in the Family?

My dad is in the military so I have lived all over the place. Hawaii is the 10th place I’ve lived. There have not been any college athletes in my family so far, I will be the first.

4) Tell us about any offers and schools recruiting you?

I’m offered by: Air Force, Army, Idaho, and UNLV. And other schools recruiting me are Georgia Tech, San Jose State, Fresno State, and Auburn. NOTE:  San Jose State Offered Mikey as we wrote this summary.

5) What is your schedule like the next few weeks as far as football goes?

I’m busy every day when it comes to football.  We start practice tomorrow and I either have that or lifting every day.

6) We watched your film and enjoyed watching you compete. In your own words tell us what your best skills are and also tell us where your areas to improve are?

I think my best skills are run blocking, and I also think my feet are pretty good. I still need to work on replacing my hands, and snapping the ball.

7) What is the best thing about your High School and community?

I think the best thing about my High School is the level of talent that there is. When you are surrounded by great players you learn to be great, iron sharpens iron.

8) What do you dream of doing after high school and college? Football won’t go on forever- what are a few goals you might have?

I haven’t decided what I want to major in, I want to attend a great academic school and figure out what I want to do from there.

Check Out Mike Minihan totally dominating these defensive linemen at The Opeing in Seattle!

More Footage of Mike Minihan.  You can see his advanced technique is letting him beat them all.

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